About WP Roll

We reveal the latest gems in the WordPress community -- people and blogs writing about all things WordPress.

Finding new WordPress related websites has become really hard — the amount of people contributing to WordPress core, individuals and companies creating WordPress themes and plugins, and people using WordPress is growing every day. WP Roll is here to feature new sites and people for you to explore and follow on weekly basis. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our feeds and newsletter.

What is RollRank

RollRank is a unique ranking algorithm that uses various social and performance signals to rank websites according to their popularity and relevance to WordPress. It is composed of metrics such as site visitor count, update frequency, Twitter mentions, plugin and theme contributions in the official WordPress repository. RollRank is recalculated on daily basis, so be sure to check our Top 100 regularly!


WP Blogroll was created on March 2013 and is curated by Kaspars Dambis. It is hosted on a DigitalOcean VPS that runs Debian Wheezy with Nginx, MySQL, PHP-FPM with APC and Memcache. It runs WordPress with a custom theme and a few custom plugins that take care of feed parsing, rank calculation, planet and news digest generation while a local instance of Phantom JS produces the screenshots.

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