WordPress News Digest for Friday, January 1, 2016

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25 Retina-Ready WordPress Themes for a Visually Stunning UX

By / — While visuals are always important for web design, people working in creative fields need something more. Here are our picks of the best retina-ready themes – and they're just plain awesome to look at. More →

A Look Back: Elegant Themes 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2015

By / — It was a great year for the Elegant Themes blog. In 2015 we published 365 posts, approved 19,335 comments, and saw 12.8 million blog pageviews. Our total post count rose to 919 published posts, our total comments rose to 58,304… More →

G’day Polyglots I’m a PTE for en AU…

By / — G’day Polyglots, I’m a PTE for en_AU on the following plugins, and I’d like to also be PTE for #en_NZ for those plugins. My plan is to export the en_AU translations and import as en_NZ translations, then fix up the… More →

Happy New Year 2016

By / — I don't know if you stumbled across this post my accident, via Twitter, or via RSS, but whatever the case: Happy New Year. Usually, it's a good time to write about the previous year, what we're looking to do in… More →

How to Show Parent Comment in WordPress Comments

By / — WordPress comments allow you to reply to others in a form of nested-replies also known as threaded comments. The problem is that moderation of replies is not very intuitive. Recently one of our readers asked us if there was a… More →

Link: Why Facebook Won, and Other Hard Truths

By / — A really interesting post to kick off 2016 (even if it was posted on December 30th, 2015). People read the web now at the level they read email — they look at a lot of stuff. And what they want… More →