WordPress News Digest for Sunday, February 1, 2015

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Add Links to WordPress Plugin Page (Metadata Row)

By / — Sometime you want to add special links directly to the plugin-page. For example, you can enable an easy access to the plugin’s settings-page or to related docs/resources. All the magic is done within the plugin_row_meta hook. It’s important to check… More →

Akismet: What Is It, and How Do You Set It Up?

By / — By a show of hands, who here hates spam? Obviously, I’m going to be able to see your hand (not like you’d raise it while sitting in front of your computer…), but I’m pretty sure that you hate spam as… More →

How to Bulk Delete Users in WordPress

By / — When your site has been overrun with hundreds, if not thousands, of spam users, deleting them all can be time consuming. In today's Weekend WordPress Project we show you a couple of easy to bulk delete. More →