WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, March 1, 2016

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A New Chapter – Beyond Freelancing

By / — Last year I spoke at WordCamp Manchester about freelancing. The talk went down well and I enjoyed sharing my experiences of finally being an established freelancer. Fast forward nearly 6 months and I am no longer freelancing. Today I can… More →

Collaborate With Your Team and Clients in ManageWP Orion

By / — My password mantra is a volatile combination of paranoia and laziness: I distrust password managers like LastPass, and I don’t write them down anywhere. At the same time, I use the same set of passwords on a lot of websites,… More →

Detecting Copy and Paste in JavaScript

By / — Detecting copy and paste in JavaScript is not something that's new to web development. How you do it may vary, though, depending on the set of tools you're using. Given I focus primarily on WordPress, the majority of the JavaScript… More →

Envira Gallery Review: A Powerful Free WordPress Gallery Plugin

By / — Envira Gallery is a gallery plugin for WordPress which is available as a free and also a premium version. The free version has been downloaded over 300,000 times and has 40k active installs and is sitting at a 4.3 out… More →

Follow These 31 WordPress Developers to Sharpen Your Development Chops

By / — Learning WordPress development on your own can be a long and lonely road filled with tutorials and the Codex. It can be difficult to not only find the specific information you need, but also identify the best of the resources… More →

Free Files For March 2016

By / — First of the month again so we get some more free files from Envato. Each month the Envato marketplace brings you free premium files, here's the first free files for March 2016. Envato is a web marketplace where you can… More →

Hi Polyglots Could you please add user ‘pross’…

By / — Hi Polyglots. Could you please add user ‘pross’ as en_GB editor for plugin pl-platform https://wordpress.org/plugins/pl-platform/ Thx! More →

How Slack Has Completely Changed the Way We Work at WPMU DEV

By / — It's safe to say Slack has been a game changer for us here at WPMU DEV. Here, we go through the ins and outs of how we use this awesome app and how it has dramatically improved how our team… More →

My Hardware Setup – 2016 Edition

By / — This is the hardware that makes up my portable office. These items are all I need to run my business from wherever I am around the world. This year I am doing less traveling however I have still kept a… More →

Please do not submit frameworks

By / — Note: We are aware that some frameworks are current in the repository. We are asking you not submit any NEW at this time. This isn’t a new ‘rule.’ It’s not a secret one either. It’s not listed in the guidelines specifically… More →

Sucuri Review – How Sucuri Helped us Block 450,000 WordPress Attacks in 3 Months

By / — Whenever we’re asked about WordPress security tips, our top 2 recommendations are get a good WordPress backup solution and start using Sucuri website firewall. In this article, we will share our honest review of Sucuri’s website firewall and why it’s… More →

The 2016 election in Alabama, and why every vote matters

By / — In a state like Alabama — especially this election — it may feel like your vote for president doesn’t matter. Donald Trump is almost guaranteed to get the most votes in the Republican primary, as he’s polling over 40%. And Hillary… More →

The Pagely Content Marketing Process Part Three: Publishing, Promoting & Analyzing

By / — The third step in our content marketing process is arguably the most important. It’s one thing to create content, but without a systematic process to distribute, promote it and attract readers, it’s a “tree falls in the woods” scenario. If… More →

Torque Plugin Madness: Round 1 Voting Starts…Now!

By / — The madness has begun! Voting is now open for Round 1 of Torque Plugin Madness, the online competition that pits plugin against plugin in a bracket-style tournament to determine which WordPress plugin is best! First round voting runs through Monday,… More →

WordPress Maintenance – an Increasingly Popular and Necessary Service

By / — Let’s face it, WordPress has its down falls… such as security risks, users accidentally deleting the database, plugin incompatibility when updating and more. We all need help some day to take care of our WordPress needs. This is where WordPress maintenance… More →

Yoast SEO 3.1: Improved snippet editor and primary category

By / — Today we’re releasing Yoast SEO 3.1. It’s a release we’re truly very proud of in terms of functionality but also in the process we’ve gone through. Yoast SEO 3.0 was arguably our biggest release ever, with a lot of changes… More →

aXe: An Open Source JavaScript Library for Automating Accessibility Testing

By / — In June 2015 Deque, an accessibility consultancy, open sourced aXe, its accessibility rules engine for automated web UI testing. aXe is a compact JavaScript library (~100 KB) that executes automated accessibility tests inside your testing framework or browser. Deque outlined… More →