WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, April 1, 2015

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8 Questions with WordPress Developer Chris Wiegman

By / — Today, Pagely was lucky enough to interview 10up’s WordPress big hitter, Chris Wiegman. Chris is probably best known as a WordPress security pioneer, as the developer of the fantastic iThemes Security plugin. He is also a valued member of the… More →

A new chapter in my life

By / — I’ve been taking steps over the past few years to move closer and closer to running a full-time homestead. As many of my readers know, I enjoy gardening, raising animals, and being as self-sufficient as possible. If you would’ve asked… More →

Agenda for the Polyglots chats on April 1st / April 2nd

By / — Dear Polyglots, All jokes aside, as DST kicked off a couple of days back, to keep the time for the Polyglots chat, their official hours move an hour ahead. This means Wednesday, 10:00 UTC for Europe, South America, Africa and West Asia and… More →

Announcing the Ultimate in Big Data Storage

By / — Announcing the Ultimate in Big Data Storage: Pagely® and U-Haul™ join forces to deliver new cloud data storage service. Big data storage is no joke. A lot goes into choosing the right company that can scale while providing a durable and… More →

Backup WordPress to Cloud with BackWPup – A Comprehensive Guide

By / — We’ve been talking about the importance of website backup in my recent post series – Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid… The post Backup WordPress to Cloud with BackWPup – A Comprehensive Guide appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress… More →

Building Mobile Apps for WordPress with Pietro Saccomani of Mobiloud – WPCAST039

By / — In this episode, our guest Pietro Saccomani discusses how his business, Mobiloud, builds mobile apps for WordPress sites. More →

Cable modem goes out. Finally boot up Android phon…

By / — Cable modem goes down. I finally boot up my Android phone to tether with it and the cable modem comes back. I need to remember this solution for the future. More →


By / — The definitive resource on browser compatibility. Lists HTML, CSS, JS, and other properties by individual browser versions, with helpful notes where needed. Can I Use is a great resource if you’re getting deep into the sticks with HTML5 or CSS3… More →

Could you grant me the access to http…

By / — Could you grant me the access to https://i18n.svn.wordpress.org/ja/ ? Username: extendwings More →

Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace

By / — Governments of the Industrial World, you weary giants of flesh and steel, I come from Cyberspace, the new home of Mind. On behalf of the future, I ask you of the past to leave us alone. You are not welcome… More →

Defines, Variables, and Plugin Dirs

By / — If you’ve spent any time looking at PHP code, then you’ve seen defines and variables Defines A define looks like this: This makes a global constant that can be used anywhere. In the case of WordPress, it means they can… More →

Dev Chat Agenda, April 1, 2015

By / — Here’s the agenda for Wednesday’s Dev Chat in the #core channel on Slack. Beta 3 was tagged last week as scheduled and we’re heading toward tagging Beta 4 this week. The soft string freeze is targeted to coincide with tagging… More →

Flickr Announces the Ability to Choose Public Domain and Creative Commons 0 License Designations

By / — Flickr announced on Monday, that it’s adding the ability for users to choose Public Domain and Creative Commons 0 (CC0) license designations. The new designations allow users to relinquish all forms of copyright on images. The move is in response… More →

How to Create an Online Marketplace: Marketplace WordPress Themes & Plugins

By / — Online Marketplaces have been around as long as the internet, the oldest and probably largest example is eBay. A marketplace is a website that brings together buyers and sellers and they can work in many different niches. With the eBay… More →

How to Use LICEcap to Record and Turn Screen Captures into Animated GIFs

By / — When I wrote about enhanced plugin installs being removed from WordPress 4.2 last week, a few readers asked how I created the animated image that shows how shiny updates work. I used LICEcap by Çockos Incorporated, which is free, GPL licensed… More →

Introducing Cache Buddy

By / — I love that Mark has released this. This is a problem that many WordPress devs have solved individually. By releasing his toolset, I hope we’ll see it as a base for collaboration that many devs contribute to in the future.# More →

Jack Lenox on Building Themes with the WP REST API

By / — WordCamp London 2015 was packed full of excellent presentations, lightning talks, and panels. For several of the more technical sessions, attendees were actually turned away at the door due to the rooms being filled to capacity. This was the case… More →

Jetpack bundling WordPress

By / — The CEO of Automattic worked with the co-founder of WordPress directly, mediated by the head of the WordPress Foundation. Matt Mullenweg said the meetings were very productive. As inside-baseball WordPress-focused April Fools go, this one is pretty funny: WordPress to… More →

Make your site mobile friendly with these quick tips

By / — Google recently announced that they are changing their algorithm—again. Their motivation is to make the web a more mobile-friendly place. Starting April 21, 2015, mobile-friendliness will become a ranking factor more and more. Fortunately, Google announced […] The post Make your… More →

Paste Without Style

By / — I’m doing this on my system right now.# More →

Polyglots chat notes Wednesday, April 1

By / — Notes from the Wednesday polyglots chat on April 1st: Local stats With new strings in for both the wp and wp-admin we only have 2 locales at 100% at the moment. There are 8 locales behind one minor version and… More →

Release leads for WordPress 4.3 and 4.4

By / — Since WordPress 3.5, we’ve had a rotating release lead. Because of the ever-present demands of the current release’s development cycle, we’ve found it tough to make these appointments well in advance. We’ve always wanted to give leads opportunity to prepare,… More →

Shortcake (Shortcode UI) has a weekly meeting time: Mondays at 7 pm UTC

By / — The title says it all. Our next weekly meeting is We also have a channel on Slack. Come join us in #feature-shortcode Shortcode-curious? Check out this recent WP Tavern post for the details on our latest release. More →

Spring in Colorado

By / More →

TIE Fighter

By / — Pretty nice work. More →

The AdPushup Edge: How to Earn More Revenue from Your Ads

By / — A majority of online publishers and professional bloggers rely on text and banner advertising as their primary source of income. Think about it, if it were not for ad revenue, what incentive would publishers even have to bring us the… More →

The Current State of the Internet Browser Wars

By / — Web browsers are so ubiquitous today that it may seem odd for many of us to even imagine a time in which the web existed without them. Granted, that time didn’t last long, but it did happen. Which gives rise… More →

The End of The Web Hosting Industry

By / — Just when the Web hosting industry seemed more stable and entrenched than ever, announcements last week by Google, Microsoft and Amazon gave an official stamp of approval to the technological shift that is about to send it all swirling done… More →

The Month in WordPress: March 2015

By / — March has been a particularly busy month in the WordPress world – from new beta releases to security controversies it’s been an interesting few weeks, so let’s jump in… WordPress 4.2 beta 3 This month saw the release of the first… More →

The State of WordPress Themes #wcldn

By / — I recently spoke on a panel at WordCamp London 2015e. Lance – who used to be the Theme Team lead […] The post The State of WordPress Themes #wcldn appeared first on Binary Moon. For more Web Design tips and… More →

This Week in 4.2: March 30 – April 5

By / — This is the jump-start post for the eleventh week of the WordPress 4.2 release cycle. Posted just a little bit late this week, sorry folks. We entered the Beta 3 stage of development last week. We need to wrap up… More →

Validation reminder for locales behind one minor/major version

By / — WordPress 4.2 is a couple of weeks away and it would be nice to have the locales that are close to being 100% released on 4.1 before 4.2 gets here. This is a reminder to the translation teams for locales… More →

Why You Can’t Afford Not to Attend a WordCamp

By / — WordCamps are unlike any other web industry event. They have a format and an atmosphere all of their own that makes them very special. You'll get more from a WordCamp than you could from years of reading blogs, books and… More →

WordCamp San Diego 2015: Beach balls, sunshine, and WordPress

By / — WordCamp San Diego was held this weekend at the San Diego Hall of Champions in Balboa Park. Roughly 250 people attended the two-day event, despite two other WordCamps occurring at the same time—WordCamp Seattle and WordCamp […] The post WordCamp San… More →

WordPress Meta Data: Other Data (Not IDs)

By / — Yesterday, I talked about some of the advantages of using IDs when working with various pieces of WordPress data and populating different input elements, saving it to the database, and more. For certain types of data, this works well; however,… More →

WordPress to be bundled in Jetpack with mission to power 50% of the web

By / — WordPress co-founder and Jetpack enthusiast Matt Mullenweg has announced that WordPress is to be bundled in future versions of Jetpack as a module, to fulfill Matt's mission to power 50% of the web. More →

WordPress vs Weebly – Which one is better? (Comparison)

By / — Are you trying to decide between WordPress vs Weebly to build your site? WordPress is a popular choice and powers 23% of all websites on the internet, but Weebly is another solution that allows you to build your website, blogs,… More →

Yoast joins CrowdFavorite!

By / — This is the year that Yoast turns 5 years old. A natural time to reflect upon how the company is doing and what it should and should not be doing and what we want for the future. Today we’re proud… More →