WordPress News Digest for Friday, May 1, 2015

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A Real Life “Who’s On First” Moment

By / — This exchange between my mother in law and our house painter is the closest I’ve ever gotten to a real life Who’s On First situation. MiL: What kind of paint do you use? Painter: I use Kwal. MiL: Koala? Painter:… More →

Belgrade’s First WordCamp Sells Out, Plans to Double Attendees Next Year

By / — Organizers of the very first WordCamp Belgrade are happy to report that the event was a smashing success. Serbia’s rapidly growing WordPress community started just two years ago with local meetups that became larger than some smaller WordCamps. “Our road… More →

Changing America’s Mind

By / — Bloomberg has a cool look at societal changes, called This Is How Fast America Changes Its Mind. More →

Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid in 2015 (Part 4)

By / — Last week, we talked about a few common mistakes people make when dealing with WordPress security. Today we’ll talk about… The post Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid in 2015 (Part 4) appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

Does Constant Contact Make Email Marketing Easier? A Review

By / — If you are just starting your business or want to give your existing business a boost, you might consider email marketing. Even though everybody seems to be talking about social media these days, email is still one of the most… More →

DradCast episode 079: Nerd with a pager

By / — Show notes: Host Sam Hotchkiss has been working with WordPress for the last ten years. Over that time he worked as a freelancer, and built both a successful agency and a product business, BruteProtect, which was […] The post DradCast episode… More →

Editor wish list for 4.3

By / — This is a list with improvement we’ve been planning for 4.3 and beyond. It’s open for suggestions and discussion, and it will continuously be updated. Improve the editor on mobile. – #29923 Contextual floating toolbar. Fix touch and focus issues. – #31247… More →

Four Tips for Customizing the WordPress Admin

By / — If you work with WordPress regularly, the WordPress admin will feel like a second home – I know it does for me, at least. Although the default design, layout, and settings work exceptionally well, it’s possible to make small tweaks… More →

Home Batteries

By / — In Tesla’s view, such storage systems could become part of a fossil-fuel-free lifestyle in which people can have solar panels on their roof generating electricity to power their home and recharge their electric car batteries. — Tesla Moves Into Storage… More →

How to Build a Rocking Band Website with WordPress (and All the Plugins You Need to Do It)

By / — Every band needs a website, but what's the best way to go about developing it? We attempt to answer that here with more WordPress-based solutions than you can shake a stick at. More →

How to Restore the Link Title Attribute Removed in WordPress 4.2

By / — WordPress 4.2 is a week old and has been downloaded more than six million times. One of the first things I noticed after updating is the change to the Insert/edit link modal box. Instead of having to apply a title… More →

How to Restore the Missing Link Title Field in WordPress 4.2

By / — In WordPress 4.2, the link title field in the insert link section was replaced by the link text field. This was a little disappointing for many users who believe that the link title field is useful for SEO purposes. In… More →

Instagram Feed Plugin: Display Photos from Multiple Instagram Accounts on Your WordPress Website

By / — Today we are taking a look at a free plugin that gives you an easy way to display photos from an Instagram account, on your WordPress website. The Instagram Feed plugin allows you to enter your Instagram user account ID,… More →

LifterLMS Review: Deliver Online Courses with WordPress

By / — LifterLMS is a tool that allows you to publish courses online with WordPress. If you want to deliver courses online and share learning materials with your visitors, then this learning management (LMS) plugin could be just what you are looking… More →

Mailbag: What’s The Diff?

By / — Ideas can always be copied. Code can be cloned. But you should be an original. More →

Mayer For WordPress is For Sale

By / — A little over a year ago, I released Mayer For WordPress and have been selling it on WordPress.com ever since. For those who are unfamiliar with the theme, it offers the following features: Mobile-ready on all devices editor-style.css so that all… More →

More on GMOs

By / — After writing two books on the science of climate change, I decided I could no longer continue taking a pro-science position on global warming and an anti-science position on G.M.O.s. Mark Lynas writes How I Got Converted to G.M.O. Food, particularly… More →

Not too interested in the Apple Watch

By / — This is pretty much why I have little desire for an Apple Watch. Mel is more patient than I am. The lighting up while eating, the notification madness, the constant charging: none of that sounds fun. From my very first… More →

Revamp Your WordPress Site with 20 New Options

By / — Hello there, WordPress lovers! We have quite a treat in store for you today, it's time to unveil a new collection with only the coolest, freshest free themes and plugins to help you give your website new, impressive functionalities or… More →

Start chatting today with these 5 live chat plugins

By / — Customer support is essential for healthy business growth; it bolsters referrals, attracts new customers, and keeps current customers happy. Support comes in all shapes and sizes—phone, email, ticket platforms, and Twitter, just to name a few. […] The post Start chatting… More →

Staying Ahead Of The Digital Curve: Three Vital Battle Grounds

By / — In the modern digital era all brands are publishers. They are curators of content and information that engage, entice, and excite their audience. Finding the right way to share and publish content – and thereby engage with your audience – is paramount. With the right tools and technology partners,… More →

The Bus Station

By / — What’s so special about a Greyhound station? The one in Huntsville, Texas, isn’t much to look at — but is remarkable to thousands of inmates being released from prison each year. It’s the first place they go as free people.… More →

Toivo: A Bold Minimalist WordPress Theme for Blogs and Businesses

By / — Toivo Lite is a new theme on WordPress.org that features a bold minimalist design that really shines on mobile. Sami Keijonen created the theme to be suitable for both business and blog sites. Toivo is Finnish and it means “hope”… More →

Using categories for your site’s SEO

By / — In our site reviews we often see that a site’s category / tag structure is completely unmanaged. Even large news sites suffer from over-usage of tags and categories. Tags and categories are both examples of a taxonomy system. By default… More →

Video Recap: Toby Cryns On Finely Tuned Consultant

By / — This week, we took “Finely Tuned Consultant” in a new direction. This series of interviews with some of the brightest talents in tech, marketing, and (naturally) WordPress, has traditionally been presented as a text-based Q&A right here on the WP… More →

Weekly WordPress News: Security Update, Free Theme Release, WP Events Hub Launch.

By / — Another week and another security problem with WordPress, sites were automatically updated with the patch to prevent any problems with an XSS vulnerability. Sites running Akismet were not affected so not a huge concern, you should check you are on… More →

Why Software Becomes a Big Ball of Mud

By / — If you’ve worked on any software projects that involved “legacy” code, you’ve probably had the sense at times that you were working with a “big ball of mud” and felt the constant low-grade terror that goes with that experience. Unfortunately,… More →

WordPress.com Suspends Theme Submissions from New Sellers

By / — In March 2014, WordPress.com opened its marketplace to new theme authors. Prior to that time, new sellers were added via invitation only. A year ago there were only 300 themes available to WordPress.com users, but after having the marketplace open… More →