WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, September 1, 2015

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A Woo Walk – A Look at the Hub Theme from WooThemes – BobWP

By / — Enjoy this first Woo Walk as I take you through the Hub theme from Genesis and show you what you can and cannot easily do to this theme, out-of-the-box, without knowing code. The post A Woo Walk – A Look… More →

Building a Magical Golden Bridge from PHP to JavaScript with wp_localize_script()

By / — wp_localize_script() lets you pass PHP variables to JavaScript. More →

Create A Viral Content Sharing Website With These Classy WordPress Themes

By / — If you’re someone who’s looking to use WordPress to create a viral website along the lines of BuzzFeed or Upworthy, then… The post Create A Viral Content Sharing Website With These Classy WordPress Themes appeared first on Best Premium & Free… More →

Google Analytics by Yoast: Free vs Premium

By / — We have two versions of our Google Analytics by Yoast plugin: a free and a premium version. We’ve had some questions about the difference between the two. And while we can mention the additional features the premium version offers, this doesn’t explain… More →

How to Block WordPress Referrer Spam in Google Analytics

By / — Are you getting a lot of referrer spam in your Google analytics? Referrer spam is a way to pass fake referer information to websites. These spammy links then appear in a users analytics and can lead you to click on… More →

How to Contribute to WordPress (and Just Generally Be an Awesome Person)

By / — Who says you have to be a developer to contribute to WordPress? After all, WordPress isn't just about code, it's about documentation, translation, running amazing meetups and WordCamps and lots of other amazing stuff. If you want to help out… More →

How to create a useful holiday gift guide

By / — In many parts of the world, September means warm weather, back to school for the kids, and a few weeks more of BBQs or weekend getaways to the beach. The holidays are probably the last thing on your mind. Makes… More →

Identify Slow Pages with Google Pagespeed Insights for WordPress

By / — There are many well-documented benefits of having a fast-loading website including higher rankings in the search engines, better goal conversion rates and more return visits. Conversely, a website that loads slowly can cost you visitors and revenue due to diminished… More →

I’m Attending SmashingConf Barcelona 2015

By / — One of the conferences I've been waiting for this year is SmashingConf Barcelona. I'm making an effort to attend as many events outside of the WordPress circuit as possible, as I feel it is valuable to open ourselves more and… More →

Let’s Garden Trac!

By / — Trac has an overwhelming number of tickets in it. A lot of us gravitate towards specific components, or have our own way of slicing the master list into a customized view. For those of us who have created an issue… More →

Meeting Notes: September 1

By / — Link to archives: Slack Archives Topics Twenty Sixteen Test it from the repo or github. any live sites? singular.php mentioned favicons providing back-compat, how many versions? HTML in translations? Avoid if possible. Great meeting! Thanks to all that participated! More →

On VentureBeat Podcast

By / — I was on VentureBeat’s podcast with Dylan Tweeney, talking a bit about how WordPress came to be and geeking out on some of the tech behind our approach. More →

Plugin Translations on WordPress.org

By / — Howdy plugin authors! In case you haven’t heard, WordPress.org will be expanding the services we provide to you, offering language packs to all plugins. This post is to outline exactly what the plan is and when your plugin will take… More →

Pulling Back From Progressive Enhancement

By / — One of the terms we hear a lot in web development is "progressive enhancement." If you're new to web development, Wikipedia defines it as follows: > Progressive enhancement uses web technologies in a layered fashion that allows everyone to access… More →

The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 02 – Unlocking the Good Life with Divi ft. David Blackmon

By / — We’re back this week with our second episode of Divi Nation. This time around we’ve got even more segments for you to watch, listen, and enjoy. Including our very first installments of “This Week in WordPress”, “Plugin Highlight”, and “Divi… More →