WordPress News Digest for Thursday, October 1, 2015

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4 Ridiculously Obvious Mistakes I Made Building WordPress Sites for Clients

By / — What are the biggest mistakes you made when you started out building websites for clients (and family and friends)? Today on the blog, guest writer Thomas Carney counts down his top four and – how to avoid them. More →

6 WordPress Plugins That Take Native Comments to the Next Level

By / — Last week, I shared the lessons I learned and the drawbacks to moderating comments in WordPress. In this post, I highlight six plugins that solve a problem I encountered or enhance comments for both readers and site administrators. All of… More →

Agenda for October 1st support meetup

By / — The end of summer/start of fall is never a good time of year for me. The agenda is very last minute. 😉 Items for discussion at this week’s meetup: 2015 Community Summit agenda for the Support Team. Open mic night!… More →

Checklist: 11 Things To Do Before Launching a WordPress Site

By / — Are you ready to launch your WordPress site? Each day thousands of new sites appear on the web. That’s why you want to make sure that your website stands out and shines from the very beginning. In this article, we… More →

General Recommendations for GlotPress WordPress Plugins

By / — At the GlotPress weekly chat last week and this week, a group from the community decided to work on an experimental plugin that moves GlotPress code into a WordPress plugin. In doing so, they expect that there will be future… More →

Google Analytics Goals and Conversion Tracking: A Primer

By / — Being competitive requires a long-term commitment to the process of continual improvement. In eastern cultures, this process is referred to as Kaizen – or “change for the better”. To improve a specific process or result, it’s imperative to know where… More →

Increase JPEG Quality in WordPress

By / — When you upload an image to WordPress it’s processed and compressed to 90% of its original JPEG quality. This is a default setting that’s in place to automatically optimize every… The post Increase JPEG Quality in WordPress appeared first on… More →

Managing Multiple WordPress Sites: The Ultimate Guide

By / — Many developers face the problem of managing multiple WordPress sites and for good reason, it can be exceptionally time consuming and potentially confusing if you’re not well organized. Employing a tool to manage your various WordPress sites can save you a… More →

Mixing Functions and Constructs in PHP Scripts

By / — One of the features people tend to love or hate (or simply accept) about writing PHP scripts is how you can mix general constructs of the language – such as conditions – with functions outside of any type of class,… More →

PHP 7 Testing Now In Mercury Vagrant (HGV) 1.5

By / — Now you can test your code against PHP 7 and compare those tests against PHP 5 and HHVM. PHP 7, the latest version of PHP, is in beta now and is expected to launch later this year. PHP 7 promises… More →

Protocol Relative Enqueues

By / — With the http/2 and https features of WordPress on the future plan, it’s time for a reminder about how to enqueue things. If you haven’t read John’s post about https configurations, please do. We want to make things work well… More →

Request for feedback: Your HTTPS configurations

By / — An ongoing goal of WordPress is to improve the way it works for sites that use HTTPS, and more specifically sites that run a mixture of schemes (for example, HTTPS in the admin area but HTTP on the front end). One… More →

Site search: what your customers are looking for (and what to do about it)

By / — Running an online store would be far easier if you could read the minds of your customers, wouldn’t it? It would at least take much of the guesswork out of your decision-making. Well, there’s one function already built into your site… More →

Start Spreading the News with DailyMag

By / — Want to pick up DailyMag for free? Simply sign up for UpThemes Hosting and you’ll get access to all our themes, including the brand new DailyMag theme. Publishing involves so much more than just the typing of words onto the… More →

Thoughts on The New Asana Design

By / — Thanks for subscribing to Rocket Lift Incorporated. Please enjoy this post from Catherine Bridge, a Rocketeer of Rocket Lift Inc.! This is a brief reflection on some of the things we noticed about the new (gorgeous) look and feel of… More →

WPWeekly Episode 208 – A Nod to the King

By / — In this episode of WordPress Weekly, Marcus Couch and I discuss the death of Alex King who was a pillar of the WordPress project. King passed away a few days ago from colon cancer. We share stories of meeting and… More →

Why WordPress Development is Getting Popular?

By / — Irrespective of the countless options available on the internet, WordPress has maintained its exclusivity and preciousness not only for developers but for the users as well. Here we have picked some reasons out of the countless ones that have made… More →

WooCommerce Plugin to Help Recover Abandoned Carts & Convert to Paying Customers

By / — Abandoned shopping carts are a growing problem for online retailers, an Abandoned cart is when a site visitor adds items to their cart but then leave the site without making payment and completing the purchase. Approximately $4 trillion worth of… More →

WordPress Developers: 7 Top Tips for Negotiating Your Rates

By / — As a wise man once wrote – making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got. Our industry is incredibly competitive and cut-throat when it comes to prices. Whether you’re looking to make it on your own, or… More →