WordPress Digest for Thursday, January 2, 2014

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Free Automated Social Promotion Plugins for WordPress

By / — We recently looked at the CoSchedule service and plugin which is a content scheduling tool for WordPress. As well as its article scheduling features, the other main selling point is CoSchedule’s excellent social media messaging functionality. One part of its… More →

Getting Started With WordPress Development

By / — There are two types of people who decide to get involved in WordPress development. The first type of people are those who are already developers in one way or another and make the choice to learn more about WordPress. The… More →

IRC Meeting: January 1, 2014

By / — Happy New Year to the entire WordPress community! Accessible IRC Clients Thanks to the team members who joined us today, and to @grahamarmfield who reported in while traveling. Just as we got underway we had a question on Twitter asking… More →

Kicking Off The New Year With A Review Of Elegant Themes In 2013

By / — Twenty thirteen has been an exciting year for Elegant Themes. We produced new themes that we are extremely proud of, and we have built a community that we extremely fond of. We grew our team to 23 dedicated designers, developers… More →

Looking back at 2013

By / — At the start of a new year, its nice to take a look back over the previous year and reflect on where we’ve been. Twenty thirteen saw a lot of changes and improvements in the WordPress apps. Let’s look at… More →

Plugin Development 101 – Dissecting the Featured Comments Plugin

By / — One of the best ways to get better are writing plugins is to look at existing plugins and figure out how they work. In this part of Plugin Development 101 we are going to look at the Featured Comments and  dissect… More →

This is who I am

By / — Last year was a interesting year and a year that I had enough discussions about things that I disliked in the WordPress community. And I know that some people got offended by it and think I nag about everything. The… More →