WordPress News Digest for Saturday, May 2, 2015

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Accessibility Team Update: May 1, 2015

By / — Weekly Meeting Change This week during the Wednesday meeting we decided that the Monday testing meeting is now where the action is so we decided to stop having the Wednesday meeting. On Monday, May 4, we will all meet in the #accessibility… More →

Free vs Premium WordPress Themes

By / — For as long as I have been a WordPress user the conversation surrounding free versus premium WordPress themes has been held. And just in case you’re wondering, that’s pretty much since the beginning. So it would seem that something so… More →

How to Display Code on Your WordPress Website the Proper Way

By / — If you run a development website, project documentation, product help section or anything similar from a WordPress website, chances are you've needed to display code at one time or another. Depending on the language used this can be a small… More →

How to Fit Your Screen Size to Your Background Image (Instead of the Other Way Around)

By / — When is a background image not a background image? CSS for background images is designed to fit the background to the container. What I needed to do was fit the container to the background image. The solution is to make… More →

RIP Dan, RIP Dave

By / — We’ve lost two incredible souls this week: first Dan Fredinburg in Nepal and now Dave Goldberg has unexpectedly passed. I encourage you to Google articles about their lives, like this one about Dave Goldberg or this on Dan, because both were… More →

Tricking Myself into Improved Productivity

By / — I am wicked productive when I’m on an airplane (without wifi) and I don’t have incoming communications (email, Slack, Twitter, etc.) to distract me. In an attempt to let out of sight lead to out of mind, I’ve made a… More →

What’s new with the Customizer

By / — Been a while since I wrote something. Let’s talk about some of the new stuff available in the Customizer. Forget about some of part two First, back in part two, I had a bit about Surfacing the Customizer. That bit… More →