WordPress News Digest for Sunday, August 2, 2015

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8 WordPress Development Tools You Probably Aren’t Using

By / — The internet is full of amazing resources for WordPress developers and power users. We don't want you to miss them if you're busy, so we've compiled a list of the little-known but brilliant ways for you to work faster and… More →

How to fix: Can’t see Unicode (UTF8) in Notepad++ on Windows XP

By / — This is a little late to help most people because they have moved on from Windows XP to newer flavors, however there are still some die-hards going to 2018 with the simple PosReady registry tweak. If you have a full… More →

MailChimp vs. Constant Contact: Which One Is The Best for You?

By / — Since the release of the Bloom plugin, we’ve been rolling out a series of reviews about various email marketing services that you can use with it. We’ve covered quite a few to help give our readers a better understanding of… More →

New music: Circumference (2015 remix)

By / — I’ve uploaded a new track to Soundcloud. Check it out here: Circumference (2015 remix) My upcoming album, “Parallel Paths“, is a mixture of new material and refreshed versions of older tracks. This track is a new version of a track… More →