WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, September 2, 2014

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20 Authentic WordPress Themes to Make your Life Easier

By / — Starting a website isn't always an easy job. For beginners, there could be many things to think about to have it up, such as the domain name, hosting, keeping the content updated, which can be sometimes a little overwhelming if… More →

A Crash Course in AJAX for WordPress

By / — Fred and I were just talking the other day about how initially-confusing the way you do Ajax requests in WordPress was to us. Both of us, completely independently, encountered a plugin we were trying to understand, knew was using Ajax,… More →

An Introduction To WP_Query

By / — Even if you think you’ve never used WP_Query before, you have, every time you loaded a page in WordPress. In the simplest terms, how WordPress works is when you load a page it creates a WP_Query object that can access… More →

Comparewp.org – Your Resource for WordPress Plugins Comparisons

By / — One of great things about WordPress is it open source and highly extensible, which means other developers can easily create some cool stuffs around it. With that in mind, it’s a common thing that you can easily find many WordPress… More →

How to Find Your WordPress Login URL

By / — “How do I login to WordPress?” is one of the most popular WordPress question. Beginners often have a hard time finding their WordPress login URL. In this article, we will show you how ot find your WordPress login URL. Why… More →

How to Implement Lead Capture More Effectively

By / — Let’s get this out of the way: lead capturing is just giving people what they’re looking for. To expand on that definition, it’s the process of guiding them in the direction of information that’ll get them interested in you. It… More →

How to Set Up a WordPress Blog in 10 Minutes or Less

By / — As a serious user of WordPress, one of the things you will do most often is run through its installation process. Whether it’s on your own site, a local development environment, or the live site […] The post How to… More →

Opus Theme Review: A Multi-Purpose WordPress Business Theme

By / — Opus is a WordPress theme by PremiumCoding, developers who boast an impressive catalogue of premium WordPress themes, WooCommerce themes, plugins and flash elements. It is another theme in the line of themes which boast huge amounts of features, customization options,… More →

Saga: A Free WordPress Theme for Writers from Theme Hybrid

By / — When Theme Hybrid launched its Stargazer theme, the idea of a design-specific parent theme that would provide limitations landed in stark contrast to the super generic, all-encompassing themes that permeate the market. You’ve probably seen themes marketed as “the last… More →

Sprout Apps Launches Free WordPress Invoicing Plugin

By / — Last month, Sprout Apps announced that it would soon be launching a suite of business apps targeted at WordPress freelancers and small businesses. While the company is still in pre-launch operations, Sprout Invoices was just released on WordPress.org as part… More →

The Hidden Savings Of a WordCamp Ticket

By / — When we wrote about tickets going on sale for the first ever PodsCamp, some folks commented that $50 was too much for a one day event, especially when compared to a WordCamp. I agree with Sarah Pressler who said, “WordCampers… More →

The WordPress Plugin Boilerplate 3.0.0

By / — A few years ago, I started the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate project as nothing more than a GitHub repository used to store code that I found myself frequently using in both personal and client projects. As I became more involved with… More →

What to Expect from Your First WordCamp

By / — With fall right around the corner here in North America (I know it feels way too soon), it seems that WordCamp season kicks into high gear. This year is no exception—with over 20 WordCamps currently […] The post What to… More →

WordPress Plugin Boilerplate 3.0 Released with New Community Website

By / — Version 3.0 of the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate was released today. The open source project was started in 2011 by Tom McFarlin as a GitHub repository for storing code while he learned plugin development. Over the past three years, the boilerplate… More →

WordPress Problem? Let WPMU DEV Log In To Your Site & Fix It Up!

By / — WPMU DEV has had a dashboard plugin since 2009, so it’s almost five years old! And yes, you’d be right in saying that initially it wasn’t the most popular thing we’ve ever done. OK, you wouldn’t just be right, you’d be… More →

Y U NO LIKE WhiP? – The WhiP #76

By / — Feedback on the guest edited WhiP: “I can’t say whether I enjoy it or not. It’s change. Whether it is good or not will only become evident in retrospect.” Yes, indeed, it’s change indeed. But as the WhiP’s older sister… More →

Yoast ebook: Optimize your WordPress site

By / — Exciting news! Team Yoast has written its very own book! In recent years, we often fantasized about writing a book in which all of our knowledge was bundled. In the last few months, we finally put our pens down to… More →