WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, September 2, 2015

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13 Ways to Add a Forum to WordPress With Minimal Fuss

By / — Building a forum doesn't require a lot of code-based skill – it just needs a little persistence and a discerning eye for tool selection. This round-up of forum uses, benefits, and solutions will help you get a forum up and running… More →

A Day of REST — a conference devoted to the WordPress REST API

By / — A Day of REST is an event devoted to the WordPress REST API. It'll happen on January 28th 2016, with a follow-on hack day on the 29th, in London. It's an exciting opportunity for developers to learn how to interact… More →

Behind The Scenes at CyberChimps & A Look at Their First WooCommerce Theme

By / — CyberChimps are a premium theme company which provide a range of different themes with over 5 million downloads. They offer a number of free themes on the official directory, including the hugely popular Responsive theme which has over 1.8 million… More →

Best WordPress Reseller Hosts

By / — If you run a small WordPress agency or you are a freelancer with many small clients, it makes sense to think about offering hosting to those clients. It can be a great way for generating an almost 100% passive income… More →


By / — Alex Denning was 16 years old when he founded WPShout in 2009. He quickly turned it into one of the most-read WordPress technical blogs of the day. When we took ownership of WPShout in 2013, we benefited immensely from the… More →

Component Page Updates for 4.4

By / — Now that 4.4 is underway, let’s update the component pages to reflect 4.4 activity. The Customize, Editor, and Press This pages serve as good templates, though they all need 4.4 updates. The component pages are targeted at beta testers. They… More →

Deputies for 4.4

By / — In lieu of picking one “backup lead” for WordPress 4.4, I have decided to recognize two of the hardest working devs in show business as my deputies for the release. They have both been crushing it in Core for as… More →

Displaying Custom Post Meta in WordPress

By / — The ability to tailor and customize to the author’s whims and needs is one of the most powerful aspects of the WordPress experience. Metadata accompanying a post is one such example of WordPress’s customizability, allowing you to convey important and… More →

Divi 2.5 Has Arrived, Featuring The Divi Role Editor, Live Preview And Much More!

By / — Divi 2.5 is here, and it’s packed with some really great new features that are going to improve your experience with the Divi Builder by leaps and bounds. One of the big focuses in 2.5 was to add new features… More →

Envato Implements Item Support Policy for ThemeForest and CodeCanyon

By / — In August of 2014, Envato announced a new initiative that would allow sellers on CodeCanyon and ThemeForest to inform buyers whether or not an item is supported. Earlier today, Envato implemented an Item Support Policy for sellers on ThemeForest and… More →

Expert Enough? Niche Enough? New Enough? Starting Your Internet Business, Part 1

By / — In this post, the first of a five-part series about getting started running an online business, our CEO James Farmer looks at one guy’s surprisingly successful niche business idea and explores his own experiences setting up WordPress projects that played… More →

Hello Please can you help me to access…

By / — Hello! Please, can you help me to access I18n SVN? As I understood, I should create tags and branches for new releases. Now in ka_GE sub-folder there are only 3.0.x tags, but I need for 4.x.x. What should I do?… More →

Hi @sajidzaman @techwhiz I would like to join…

By / — Hi, @sajidzaman @techwhiz I would like to join Urdu Translation for WP: https://translate.wordpress.org/locale/ur Can you please add me to the team or tell me whats the proper way to join as a translate contributor? I want to contribute to urdu… More →

Hi guys another request to translate app strings…

By / — Hi guys, another request to translate app strings! This time, it’s for our upcoming version 4.5 of the WordPress Android app. Here is the GlotPress Project for app strings and the one for release notes. Would be perfect to have… More →

On Site Advertising: WordAds

By / — WordAds, while a beta product, was just not usable enough. More →


By / — When Automattic’s Thomas Guillot was designing Publication, he aimed to incorporate two sidebars in an original way, while putting emphasis on … Continue reading → More →

Quick Tip: WordPress Helper Functions For Templates

By / — A little over a week ago, I shared a post about one way I try to work well with designers when working with WordPress. That is, I talked about how of stubbing out files they may need in order to… More →

Scaling your product offering after launch

By / — You’ve launched your product. Customers are purchasing and everything is going really well. You’ve reached the point where your product contains all of the features you feel are necessary in the core offering, yet you want to expand. Today, I’ll… More →

Shortcode Roadmap Draft One

By / — This is the first draft of the Shortcode API Roadmap. It describes in broad terms a new feature set and migration that will take place across versions 4.4 through 4.7. This roadmap gives notice to plugin developers that significant changes… More →

Speakers And Organizers: Dealing With Conference Rejections

By / — So you spent a good amount of time and thought into a speaker application for that special conference. It’s the conference that everyone in your circle is talking about. You get the application in… but a short time later you… More →

The Rise of the Emotionally Intelligent Blogger – BobWP

By / — Emotionally intelligent bloggers bounce back and forth between teaching and learning all the time. They are comfortable enough in their own skin to know that everyone can teach them something new—about their business, about blogging topics, about life itself. The… More →

Why Monthly Investor Reports Matter

By / — And probably not for the reasons that you expect either…<…> My steepest learning curve this year has been related to the intricacies related to fundraising and investors (something which was alien to me before as a bootstrapped entrepreneur). One of… More →

WordPress Core Weekly – Aug. 24-30, 2015

By / — Welcome back to the weekly core development recap post, with highlights from Trac changesets and other development updates for 4.4. This week’s update covers changesets [33721]–[33820], Aug. 24-30, 2015. That’s a lot of changes, but there are a few that… More →

Yoast Academy presents: Basic SEO Training

By / — We are very excited to announce a brand new Yoast product. As of October 12, 2015 Yoast will start offering complete online SEO courses! Following such a training will teach you all about SEO and website optimization. We are currently… More →

oEmbed Feature Plugin Update

By / — After kicking off the oEmbed feature plugin a couple of weeks ago, it’s high time for another status update. In case you have missed it, the oEmbed API plugin makes WordPress an oEmbed provider, allowing you to embed blog posts just like YouTube videos or… More →