WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, December 2, 2014

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10 Reasons No One Pays Attention To Your Blog Comment

By / — Of the many ways to get more traffic to your blog, commenting on other blogs, if done right, can be one of your best strategies. If you find blogs that share some of the same types of readers you’d like… More →

An Introduction to Programming WordPress Theme Menus

By / — Navigation menus are one of the most obvious features that go into making a site. If you’re building or revising a WordPress theme, you’ll almost certainly have one or more areas where you’ll want users to be able to easily… More →

Automatic WordPress Updates: How To Turn Them On Or Off And Decide Which Is Right For You

By / — One of the fundamentals of running a WordPress website is knowing how and when to update the core files, plugins, and themes that comprise it. In the past updating WordPress, while still relatively easy, had a bit more guesswork than… More →

Can we hange wordpresss org forums password…

By / — Can we “hange wordpresss.org forums password? I’m unable to find link to it A little help would be appreciated More →

DawnPatrol Gives Fringe WordPress Communities a Voice

By / — DawnPatrol is a new project by Scott Basgaard and Noel Tock of HumanMade. The site is billed as a community experiment that features video clips of WordCamp participants from across the world. With non-English downloads of WordPress overtaking the number… More →

DigitalOcean VPS Hosting

By / — DigitalOcean is relatively new hosting provider and in the past 2 years have shown massive growth and are now the 3rd largest hosting company in the world, according to netcraft report. DigitalOcean provide fast, extremely cheap, SSD Virtual Private Servers… More →

Done done

By / — Finally launched the project I’ve been working on since July! It’s an internal corporate tool, so I can’t show it off. But: #donedone — Dougal Campbell (@dougal) December 1, 2014 Original Article: Done done Dougal Campbell's geek ramblings – WordPress,… More →

ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module with Teensy and Arduino

By / — Recently I ordered two Espressif ESP8266 breakout modules labeled “ESP8266 Version 01″ from hermann_shopp on ebay. It is one of the coolest little chips for makers to have these days — it connects to the internet, has an open SDK with complete toolchain,… More →

Easily Add Animated Snow Fall Effect in WordPress

By / — It’s already December, a time of the year again for those of you celebrating Christmas. In today’s tutorial, I’d like to show you how you could add animated snow fall effect on your WordPress site. This definitely will add some mood and… More →

Free Files For December 2014

By / — Each month the Envato marketplace brings you free premium files. Envato is a web marketplace where you can get premium files for different areas of your website. My favourite marketplaces are the script marketplace CodeCanyon and the theme marketplace ThemeForest.… More →

How to Create a High-Converting Email Opt-in Form

By / — Not everyone who looks at your site will buy something the first time. In fact, 98.5% won’t. However, most people who visit your site without a reason to come back probably won’t do that either. How do you remind them,… More →

How to Notify Post Authors of New Disqus Comments in WordPress

By / — At WPBeginner we use Disqus commenting system. Recently one of our users asked us how they can notify post author of new Disqus comments in WordPress. By default, only the users added into Disqus commenting system as admins or moderators… More →

How to Send a Quick Email With an Attachment From The WordPress Admin

By / — If you’d like to be able to send a quick email from the backend of WordPress, the Quick Mail plugin developed by Mitchell D. Miller, may be the answer. Once activated, you’ll see a Quick Mail link in the Tools… More →

JP Bot: The Silent Bot Behind the Jetpack Module Extraction Plugins

By / — Automattic launched Jetpack in March 2011 with the mission to bring WordPress.com features to self-hosted WordPress sites. The plugin has now been downloaded more than 13 million times. It is widely used and even comes installed by default on many… More →

Labs Sponsors BuddyPress and HHVM Compatability

By / — With the announcement of our Mercury HHVM Enterprise WordPress project in November, we’ve been incredibly excited about the possibilities. Despite overwhelming potential, however, not all projects on HHVM run perfectly yet. So before the great @JJJ (John James Jacoby) kicks off the new… More →

Learning PHP for WordPress Development: A Comprehensive Guide

By / — So you have a WordPress website and you’ve tweaked your theme, read a bit about template tags, and perhaps even modified your functions.php file in the built-in theme editor. And now you want to it your skills to the next level and… More →

Prepare Your Website for Christmas – Free WordPress Christmas Plugins

By / — Now that December has arrived we can start getting prepared for Christmas time, we have been buying our presents and our decorations will be going up later this week in our house. What if you wish to decorate your WordPress… More →

Recent posts and comments for WordPress

By / — When I was writing the chapter about internal links for our ebook, I also mentioned Recent Posts and Recent Comments. But these subjects were mentioned only very briefly. It seems so logical to add these for any blog, that it… More →

Team meeting agenda week #49

By / — Agenda items for this week’s meetup: WordPress 4.1 beta2 – In all the 4.0.1 excitement (which was really minor but that’s a very important patch) I totally neglected that 4.1 is coming out Real Soon Now™. How’s that going? Is… More →

The WordPress Visual Editor: Tips And Tricks for Beginners

By / — WordPress was initially built to be a simple blogging system that made publishing content online a breeze. With time, it… The post The WordPress Visual Editor: Tips And Tricks for Beginners appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

Theme review team weekly notes This week we…

By / — Theme review team weekly notes This week we met to discuss hooks. This was an open discussion therefore the notes are minimal from this as it was an opportunity to hear all sides. The logs are here: https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/themereview/p1417543077005595 Notes: New… More →

Turn your WordPress site into an app: Reactor review

By / — WordPress has already conquered the Internet, and is slowly but surely turning its attention towards the world of apps. This is nothing new: there are plenty of impressive services out there promising to turn your […] The post Turn your… More →

WP Engine Sponsors John James Jacoby to Work on HHVM Compatibility with BuddyPress

By / — WP Engine announced today that the company will be sponsoring John James Jacoby to work on HHVM compatibility for BuddyPress. Mercury, the host’s new enterprise HHVM WordPress hosting platform, debuted last month with initial benchmarks indicating performance improvements of up… More →

WPWeekly Episode 172 – Thankful For WordPress

By / — In this episode of WordPress Weekly, Marcus Couch and I share the top six WordPress things we’re thankful for in 2014. It turns out, we’re both thankful for the WordPress community and its podcasters. We discovered there are over 20… More →

What you need to know about authentication for the JSON REST API

By / — The new JSON REST API is one of the more exciting developments in the WordPress world. One of the parts of working with the API that has generated the most confusion is authentication. In this article […] The post What you… More →

Who Needs Another WordPress Podcast?

By / — One of the things that I really enjoy whether or not I’m out for a walk, a run, or a drive, is listen to a number of different podcasts. And I don’t think I’m an exception. As with any topic… More →