WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, December 2, 2015

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12 Plugins That Will Make Your Posts Even More Awesome!

By / — There is no doubt that the default WordPress posting experience is pretty well best in class. There’s already a ton of options available for you to take advantage of in crafting world-class posts. All that being said though, the true… More →

All About Freemius For WordPress

By / — I've written a number of posts about WordPress plugins, their place in the overall WordPress economy, and my perspective as it relates to writing and releasing plugins. To be sure, it's a challenging place to be. Arguably, the most popular… More →

Customizer improvements in 4.4

By / — Now an update for the hottest most buzz-worthy JavaScript-driven single page application (SPA) in WordPress: Calypso the Customizer. Earlier in the release cycle there was a proposed roadmap for the Customizer and I wanted to share an update for what improvements have made it into the 4.4… More →

Do you need a seriously inexpensive WordPress site? Try ThemeValet

By / — If you're on a tight budget but need help getting your WordPress site to look just like the theme demo, check out Nick Davis' ThemeValet service, which starts at only $99. Continue Reading Do you need a seriously inexpensive WordPress… More →

Freemius Insights Enables Plugin Developers to Make Data-Driven Decisions

By / — The WordPress plugin directory gives authors a set of statistics but many are left wanting more. Freemius Insights, is a new service founded by Vova Feldman, that allows authors to accumulate detailed statistics from users. Feldman and his team of… More →

Host28 Review on Pricing, Features, Performance & Support

By / — Having been in the industry for more than 10 years, Host28 is highly recommended as one of the best Linux web hosting service providers by numerous webmasters. However, many people still have no idea about this company and don't know… More →

How to Always Get Paid, Not Played, as a WordPress Freelancer

By / — Working as a freelancer has a lot of perks, but trying to track down late payments from slow or unresponsive clients isn’t one of them. More →

How to Move from LiveJournal to WordPress

By / — Do you want to switch your LiveJournal site to WordPress? While LiveJournal is a nice place to publish your journal entries, it is extremely limited which is why many users move to WordPress. Recently one of our readers asked if… More →

How to increase your sales with clever pricing strategies

By / — Is there a strategy behind the way you price your products? The obvious strategy is usually something along the lines of balancing the need for profit and the desire to appeal to consumers. Around the holidays, it’s often solely the… More →

Introduction to WordPress Term Meta

By / — Term meta is one of the most exciting features of WordPress 4.4. In summary, it means we can start to add data to terms — categories, tags, etc, that we’ve been able to do with posts for years. And as… More →

It’s Okay To Overwhelm

By / — When we're overwhelmed we may make mistakes, but we'll learn a lot too. More →

Joost de Valk on the Lessons Learned After Releasing WordPress SEO 3.0

By / — Within the last few weeks, a number of readers have contacted us to look into the recent upgrade woes experienced by WordPress SEO users. Since 3.0’s release on November 18th, the development team has released six point releases. Joost de… More →

My Review of WP Boom. WordPress Updates Made Easier. – BobWP

By / — If you are scared what will happen when you push that update button on WordPress, your theme or plugins, then this new service will give you peace of mind. The post My Review of WP Boom. WordPress Updates Made Easier.… More →

My Thoughts on Calypso

By / — So I’ve seen quite a number of reviews on the new Calypso application from the WordPress.com/Automattic team floating around twitter and the Post Status Club Slack channel (if you’re not a member, you should be, it is 1,000% worth it).… More →

Slack: What Is It & Why Do Startups Adore It?

By / — Slack was never expected to be the wildly popular app that it is now. Stewart Butterfield, who you might know as one of the co-founders of Flickr, didn’t anticipate any of this when he and his team created what we… More →

Smart Slider Review: A Beautiful WordPress Animated Slider Plugin You can Download for Free

By / — Smart Slider 3 is a new plugin for WordPress which is designed to let you create animated sliders using a visual editor interface. It has packed in a huge amount of features which will allow you to create all kinds… More →

The Best Stock For Your Website At Bigstock & Holiday Cheer Deal

By / — Hopefully your December is off to a very merry start, and we’re here to make it even better with some… The post The Best Stock For Your Website At Bigstock & Holiday Cheer Deal appeared first on Best Premium &… More →

WP REST API: Version 2.0 Beta 8

By / — Just in time for WordCamp US, we have a new REST API for you: 2.0 Beta 8 “Monorail!”. Download it from the plugin repository or from GitHub. Here’s the changelog: Prevent fatals when uploading attachment by including admin utilities. (#1756) Return… More →

WordPress Plugins: The Ultimate Guide (Free Ebook)

By / — One of the amazing things about WordPress is its flexibility. And WordPress plugins help make it even more powerful. They let you add a little extra oomph to your WordPress site through new functionality. DOWNLOAD THE FREE EBOOK, THE ULTIMATE… More →

Your website review contains what?

By / — In this article, I’ll explain more about what we address in our website review. That requires a bit of history. For the last 3.5 to 4 years, Joost and I have been sculpting the website reviews into what they are… More →


By / — Update: Thank you for the attention so far. Please if you can register and login to just update your avatar in time for this Friday that would be great. Thank you! It’s exciting to talk about a side project, but… More →