WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, May 3, 2016

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10 Creative and Useful Ways to Use RSS Feeds

By / — Since its advent in 1999, RSS (Rich Site Summary) changed the way content was distributed to readers over the Internet forever. In this article, I'll walk you through some creative and useful ways to fully leverage the power of RSS feeds… More →

11 Free Web Design eBooks to Level Up Your Design Skills

By / — Web design is a competitive field that requires its adepts to have a working knowledge of multiple disciplines while mastering others. A highly competent web designer will, for example, be knowledgeable about typography, accessibility, usability, CSS, and responsive design among many,… More →

A Plugin for Testing Custom Post Types

By / — When working on the latest version of Easier Excerpts, we added functionality so the plugin would work any post type that had support for excerpts. Because you can't know that various custom post types that a person may have. Because… More →

A data schema for meta

By / — register_meta() is a tiny function, which lets you register a sanitization and authorization callback for post meta, term meta, user meta or comment meta. We’re going to expand the utility of this function to describe the data type of the field. This will be useful for… More →

Handling Bad Reviews

By / — In general, the Plugin Review team is not the go-to recourse for bad reviews.  Instead, we have a totally brilliant forum support team! There’s some overlap of jurisdiction of course, and some of us are on both teams, but the… More →

Hi I’m the gte for catalan language I…

By / — Hi, I’m the gte for catalan language. I have a problem on assigning permissions to user @xyulex. User shows me at administration panel as a translation editor, but user only can suggest translations. Only with this user has problems. Is… More →

How to Nail the Interview Post

By / — They seem so easy. But there is an art and science behind writing a good interview post. A few tips and tricks for you. The post How to Nail the Interview Post appeared first on BobWP – Your Trusted WordPress… More →

How to Show Confirm Navigation Popup for Forms in WordPress

By / — Accidentally closing a page without submitting your comment or with a half filled form is annoying. Recently, one of our users asked us if it was possible to show their readers a confirm navigation popup? This tiny little popup alert… More →

How to Use the New MonsterInsights Plugin for Google Analytics (Part 2 of 2: The Dashboard)

By / — We've showed you how to install Google Analytics on your WordPress site. We've showed you how to install and configure the new Monster Insights for Google Analytics plugin. Now we're wrapping up our 2-part MonsterInsights series with a deep dive… More →

May 3rd Meeting Notes

By / — As always, meetings about upselling gets a little interesting, but we made a good discussion of it in today’s team meeting. Read the meeting transcript in the Slack archives. (A Slack account is required) Themes with fatal errors It was… More →

PHP Configuration Changes with php.ini and phpinfo()

By / — If you do enough WordPress development, you’ll eventually find yourself in need of some PHP environment changes. These’ll look slightly different depending on circumstance, but you’ll have an issue that requires you change the way PHP behaves. Maybe you need… More →

Play Blackpool 2016 – Roundup Video

By / — Last weekend was the fantastic Play Blackpool 2016, which was held in it’s traditional home of the Norbreck Castle, in Blackpool, on April 30th and 1st May 2016. The Play Blackpool weekend is legitimately one of the funnest weekends of… More →

Practical tips from small business owners using WooCommerce

By / — More than half of Americans either own or work for a small business, and every year since 1963 the United States has celebrated National Small Business Week to recognize their critical contribution to the economy. This week we’re celebrating some of the small businesses… More →

Proposal: Next Generation Rewrites

By / — Hi everyone! Today I’d like to propose a new feature project for WordPress: Next Generation Rewrites. After proposing this at the last feature projects meeting, it’s time to flesh out the details of what this project would be. The aim… More →

Social Previews in Yoast SEO Premium

By / — In Yoast SEO Premium 3.2, we introduced social previews. It works much like the snippet preview people have come so used to. As the snippet preview does for search rankings, we think social previews will improve your social workflow. Which picture will… More →

Strings for WPiOS 6.2 Hey folks we’re shipping…

By / — Strings for WPiOS 6.2 Hey folks, we’re shipping WPiOS 6.2 late next week and we could use some help translating the release notes and the app strings. If you’ve got some spare time, we’d appreciate any help towards getting those… More →

The Best Free WordPress Plugins for Multi-Author Blogs

By / — Are you one of those folks who employ a lot of writers/contributors to your WordPress site? Do you spend much of your time communicating with your fellow writers? Do phrases like “don’t use external image URLs”, “make sure to use the… More →

WordCamp Incubator Program Receives 182 Applications, Narrows Candidates to 16 Communities

By / — In February the WordPress Community team announced that it would be launching an experimental WordCamp Incubator program. After a short application window of less than two weeks, the team received 182 applications from cities all over the world. Andrea Middleton… More →

WordPress Multisite Masterclass: Client Sites and Domain Mapping

By / — In part four of our WordPress Multisite Masterclass, learn how to host sites of your own or for clients. We also walk you through domain mapping in detail, how using Multisite can improve your business workflow, and also give you… More →

Yuasa multi-regional and multilingual sites

By / — iWeb has been working with Yuasa, a world leading battery supplier, since 2013. We built their web presence out, consisting of five regional sites. We recently completed a project to add multilingual support to their regional sites. During this project we had to overcome… More →