WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, June 3, 2014

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Achievement unlocked: root canal.

By / — Achievement unlocked: root canal. More →

Achieving Fulfillment

By / — How do you achieve fulfillment?<…> I was recently part of a conversation about the pursuit of fulfillment. And especially, how fulfillment is very different to achievement. The latter being something that is easier to gain and recognize; mostly because it's… More →

An Insider’s Look at Ninja Demo

By / — The problem is fairly common. You’re a WordPress developer that builds themes or plugins and you want to offer users visiting your site a simple demo so they can explore your product a bit. You […] The post An Insider’s… More →

Are You A Plugin Hoarder? 7 Warning Signs Your WordPress Site Is Cluttered (And How To Clean It Up)

By / — Are you a plugin hoarder? Think about it for a minute. At first sounds a little ridiculous, and of course… The post Are You A Plugin Hoarder? 7 Warning Signs Your WordPress Site Is Cluttered (And How To Clean It… More →

How To Localize Your WordPress Website Using Plugins

By / — The internet has made the world smaller. It has allowed people from all around the world to connect with each other and do business. Although all of my websites are published in English, Google Analytics shows that 22.26% of traffic… More →

How to Give Your Online Store’s Search a Power Boost

By / — It pretty much doesn’t matter what kind of website you have – the search function is going to be important. Comprehensive search allows visitors to navigate your site on their own terms and I think this is especially important when… More →

Internet User Experience Conference

By / — Hey everyone! I wanted to let you know about a great conference coming up next week called the Internet User Experience Conference.  If you are in the Phoenix area and interested in User Experience Design you need to make it… More →

Introducing Semicolon

By / — Semicolon is a brand new magazine theme for WordPress. It’s simple, clean, and it’s got quite a unique grid layout with support for featured posts. Semicolon was initially created for WP Magazine, an online news site about WordPress in Russian.… More →

John Oliver Explains Net Neutrality

By / — This is awesome. (thanks Steve) More →

Kirki: A Free Plugin to Style the WordPress Customizer and Add Advanced Controls

By / — The customizer is a powerful tool that allows users to make changes to WordPress themes and preview them live. Because it is native to WordPress, many theme authors are starting to employ the customizer exclusively, instead of creating their own… More →

LayoutPress: A Drag & Drop Starter Theme for WordPress

By / — Lately there have been quite a few new Drag & Drop page editors for WordPress, this is the third one we have looked at since last week! Launched recently, LayoutPress is a brand new starter theme, based on the Underscores… More →

Major Internationalization Improvements Planned for WordPress 4.0

By / — Many native English speakers take WordPress’ famous 5-minute installation process for granted. Have you every wondered how much of a hurdle it might be to try to install the software when English is not your first language? Andrew Nacin recently… More →

Meet The WhiP, Our Daily WordPress Email Newsletter

By / — Our new daily email The WhiP is packed with WordPress news and gossip, must-reads, tutorials and how-tos, as well as other random awesomeness from across the tech world. More →

Mobile Devices Are The Big Story in Mary Meeker’s 2014 Internet Trends Report

By / — Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends report 2014 came out last week. At 164 slides, it’s a pretty long read. Josh Constantine of TechCrunch has consolidated down to a summary of 54 slides, which is still […] The post Mobile Devices… More →

On being a trade news provider

By / — It’s not news to anyone that reads my personal blog that I run Post Status, a “WordPress news” website. It’s essentially your typical trade news publication. It’s my baby though. One of the things I’ve struggled with over the last year… More →

Press75 Acquired by Westwerk for Undisclosed Amount

By / — Press75, established by Jason Schuller in 2008, is one of the longest running successful WordPress theme shops. Schuller carved out his own niche creating video-centric WordPress themes and created a strong, well-respected brand. He gradually became more involved with creating… More →

Press75 has been sold to Westwerk, the company behind WerkPress

By / — In mid-April I wrote that Press75 was for sale on Flippa. That auction ended without a sale, with bids for up to $45,000. Today, the Minneapolis based Westwerk is announcing that they have bought Press75 from Jason Schuller. It’s my… More →

Simplifying Code in WordPress: Option Arrays

By / — Let’s say that you’re working on a plugin that has its own plugin settings page, and on that page there are options to determine what type of posts will support part of the functionality of the plugin. For example, let’s say… More →

Team chat agenda for week #23

By / — For any items that you may want discussed in this week’s #wordpress-sfd meetup please reply below. Table of contents for a new handbook? (Yep, I really like the idea and wish I had time to work on it.) More →

The Concepts of Object-Oriented PHP You Need to Understand for WordPress Development

By / — Object-orientation has been the dominant paradigm in programming for more than a few decades now. And its dominance is so absolute that many non-programmers will be able to name it, but can’t name another programming paradigm. Many programmers and non-programmers alike… More →

The WhiP Newsletter #14

By / — Daily lashings of WordPress goodness. More →

UX Hack: Making Long WordPress Posts Easier to Read & Scan

By / — As we see more long posts, we need to change the way we present them. More →

Updated Reseller Management Plugin

By / — We have just updated the Pagely Reseller plugin that allows reseller partners to offer their custom hosting package via their own WordPress site. We made some changes to the app flow, and the form layout. At a bare min you… More →

VIP accounts for nearly 17% of WordPress.com’s “network” pageviews

By / — WordPress.com VIP has a fancy new stats page. Of course I immediately wanted to know how it stacks up to WordPress.com stats as a whole. Here’s the math: WordPress.com VIP: 2,441,299,137 pageviews in the last 30 days All WordPress.com: 14,512,740,573*… More →

Visually direct and captivate your visitors

By / — In the last month I’ve been speaking at a few conferences with a talk I’ve dubbed “The Psychology behind Conversion”. In this talk I’m trying to explain why everyone who maintains a website should be interested in psychology and how… More →

WP Mayor Guide to WordPress Content Delivery Networks

By / — A comprehensive guide to using content delivery networks in WordPress – how they work, their benefits, and benchmark results of an experimental site with and without using a CDN. We then list some of the best free and premium CDNs… More →

WordPress Core Development Updates [May 2014 Edition]

By / — The month of May was chock full of innovation, progress and new ideas over at Make WordPress Core. Basically, the developers were pretty damned busy and to save you some time, I’ve gone through the dev chats and blog posts… More →

Xdebug and other non compiled PHP extensions on CentOS

By / — A quick explanation on how to install PHP extensions on CentOS that need self compiling. Including setup for uberspace. More →