WordPress News Digest for Thursday, July 3, 2014

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3 Best Affiliate Tracking and Management Software for WordPress

By / — Affiliate marketing is a proven way to increase awareness about your business and products. This is why most large businesses like Amazon, eBay, Hilton, etc have made it an integral part of their marketing strategy. With the growth of eCommerce… More →

4th of July Independence Day WordPress Deals & Coupon Codes

By / — Tomorrow is the 4th of July so we would like to wish all our American friends a Happy Independence Day, Hope you enjoy your holiday weekend! To celebrate there are a number of WordPress companies holding special discounts and deals… More →

A Comedians Take on Web Usability

By / — Paul Boag recently published a snippet of Michael McIntyres comedy roadshow where Michael is complaining about website usability. Clearly the sketch is exaggerated for laughs – but everything he says […] The post A Comedians Take on Web Usability appeared… More →

Aesop Story Engine Now Supported in the Worldview Theme

By / — Unlike many theme shops who churn out theme after theme every month just to hit their quota, we are constantly improving our existing themes in an effort to bring customers more value. So when we heard about Nick Haskins’ new… More →

Can the Sharing Economy Be Successful in an Age of Skepticism?

By / — Recently, services like Lyft, AirBnb, and Uber have taken the tech-savvy generation by storm. These services have evolved from the “sharing economy”—a society based entirely on peer-to peer transactions, where both parties achieve monetary success from the […] The post Can the… More →

Clarity Plugin Helps WordPress Users Navigate Page Hierarchy and Preview Templates

By / — When using WordPress to manage a large number of pages with content structured 2-3 levels deep, the native UI doesn’t make it easy to visualize where new content is being created. Thanks to the vast world of plugins, WordPress can… More →

Dynamically Create CSS Classes With SASS

By / — There are many advantages to using CSS pre-processors like SASS, some of the features allow you to end up writing less CSS code by using inheritance and functions in SASS to reuse the same code on your different CSS classes… More →

Estimated Time To Read This Post – Eternity

By / — While browsing the web, I’ve noticed some sites providing an estimated reading time for articles. Some are as low as one minute while others are over ten. I think the idea of providing an estimated reading time is ridiculous. However,… More →

Grow Your Blog Audience With a Click of a Button

By / — You caught me, I can’t guarantee that you’ll increase your blog traffic with a click of a button, but realistically you can with a few clicks. How you may ask? Well, Woothemes and I are creating a theme based on… More →

How To Build A Mobile WordPress Theme, And Why You Should

By / — Whilst you can get plugins that will help you create a mobile theme, let me show you how to take complete control of your visitor's mobile experience by building your very own custom mobile theme. More →

How To: Setup A WordPress Blog That Google Loves – Essential SEO Steps

By / — Ah, Google… What can I really say about my love/hate relationship with her? She is the Carmen to my Don Jose. The River Song to my Doctor. The Bella to my Jacob. (Yes, I just made that reference. Don’t judge… More →

How to Become A Better Developer

By / — I was on a panel at WordCamp Seattle this last weekend on becoming a better developer. One point I repeated a few times was “read core” and a related point of “don’t rely on tutorials.” These ideas have been circling in… More →

How to Customize Twenty Fourteen Theme Without Any Coding

By / — Twenty Fourteen theme was release last december with the release of WordPress 3.8. As expected, there will be lots of plugins will be released which will be related to this latest WordPress default. One of the useful plugins that I… More →

How to Enable 2-Factor Authentication in WordPress

By / — In this tutorial we’ll be learning how to enable two-factor authentication for WordPress using a free plugin called Duo Two-Factor… The post How to Enable 2-Factor Authentication in WordPress appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

How to Guest Post to Grow Your Audience

By / — Today on WP Business Tips we published a post on guest posting and how to do it in order to spread the word about your website and get more visitors. There is lots of actionable advice for anyone who is… More →

On Good Enough Code

By / — An old link post I never published back in 2012, but it definitely still applies. Yes, this is also true: Finally, a complete and concise definition of "Legacy Code" by @chancancode at @CodeCoreYVR pic.twitter.com/TVma6MowqE — Philippe Creux (@pcreux) June 23,… More →

Pragmatic Idealism: Pay It Forward by Giving Back

By / — Like most people in the WordPress ecosystem, I strongly believe that giving back is an important way to “pay forward” everything this community has given me. My first formal contribution was reviewing themes for WordPress.org. […] The post Pragmatic Idealism:… More →

The WhiP Newsletters #36

By / — Obox launches hosting service, WooCommerceCamp announced, and theme builders allow non-designers types to create ugly websites. Check out The Whip for more daily lashings of WordPress goodness. More →

WP Elevation: A Podcast and Business Accelerator Program for WordPress Consultants

By / — WP Elevation is the home of the first business accelerator program for WordPress consultants who want to be more successful in their business, by getting better clients and charging higher rates. Alongside the program, the WP Elevation blog features regular… More →

WP Engine is Expanding to San Antonio

By / — Austin, TX is the city that WP Engine proudly calls home. With a rapidly growing tech community, an abundance of local music, and the best breakfast tacos in the nation, we all love the chosen location of our company’s headquarters.… More →

We Are Building A Better Social Media Plugin, And It’s Called “Monarch”

By / — Social media has quickly become the lifeblood of the internet, and your website’s social sharing strategy should be a top priority. Placing sharing buttons in your sidebar isn’t enough. Floating social media bars filled with disparate and disorganized badges looks… More →

We’re Ignoring the WordPress Philosophy: The Bill of Rights

By / — Over the last week or so, I’ve been writing about the various pillars of the WordPress Philosophy. These include: Out of the Box Design for the Majority Decisions, Not Options Clean, Lean, and Mean Striving for Simplicity Deadlines Are Not Arbitrary… More →

WooFramework 6 has arrived

By / — Today marks a milestone in the evolution of the WooFramework, the engine powering all of our WordPress themes. The WooFramework is largely responsible for the theme settings screens, as well as handling any custom fields added to your content, displaying… More →

WordPress Core Development Updates [June 2014 Edition]

By / — Has another month gone by already? According to the backlog of Make WordPress Core emails I have for the month of June, the answer to that question would be a definitive “yes.” Read more on WordPress Core Development Updates [June… More →

WordPress Visual Page and Website Builders Make It Easy To Create Ugly Sites

By / — A few years ago, I talked about how great it would be if there were ways to visually build websites in WordPress. Today, tools like VelocityPage and Headway Themes allow users to visually build pages and even entire websites. As… More →

WordPress in the Cloud: How to Set Up a Development Site with Koding

By / — Koding is an online development environment where you can create and run apps in the cloud. The platform encourages collaboration and social interaction with an integrated activity stream where you can post status updates, code snippets and topics for discussion.… More →