WordPress News Digest for Monday, August 3, 2015

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11 Years Old

By / — Still going strong, especially if there is a ball in front of her to chase. More →

Accessibility Usertest: Export XML file

By / — We wondered if people, using assistive technology, could understand the structure of selecting a range of posts or page in the export option with Tools/Export in the Admin. Related ticket: #33046 Tests done on WordPress 4.3 beta 4 Nightly build from… More →

Agenda for the August 6th Support Team meetup

By / — Items for discussion at Thursday’s meetup: The draft OMGWTFBBQ post for 4.3 is up. The server side caching parts need fleshing out and I’m brain stuck for adding the new 4.3 features and changes. Test, test and test again the… More →

Building Fully Customized WordPress Front-End Login, Registration and Profiles Without Touching Code

By / — The default WordPress login page, registration and login pages are fine if all you’re building is a basic site with a handful of users, but if you’re working on a client project, creating custom pages is something you should really… More →

Built in WordPress Options You Have to Know & Use

By / — WordPress has completely redefined web publishing on so many levels, but mainly by so lowering the entry bar that you can hop on the tube, and create a fully-fledged WordPress site before the next stop. You don’t even need to spend… More →

Could the translation editors for Marathi @developerpaddy @vinod…

By / — Could the translation editors for Marathi ( @developerpaddy, @vinod-dalvi, @jaays, and @yossarianc) take a look and approve the waiting strings at https://translate.wordpress.org/locale/mr, there are more than 1217 words in Development and 135 words in 4.2.x waiting for approval More →

Don’t Publish Bad Code

By / — Especially if you know it's bad. If you know it's bad and you publish it, you're reckless. More →

Draft 4.3 OMGWTFBBQ post

By / — This will get updated frequently before thr 4.3 release and it’s very 4.2’ish copy pasta right now. READ THIS FIRST – WordPress 4.3 Master List First introductory post: Hooray! 4.3-NAME is here! But OMGWTFBBQ!? WordPress 4.3 broke everything? Don’t Panic!… More →

EP147 – Where to place the blame when WordPress problems arise – WPwatercooler

By / — On this episode of WPwatercooler we will be discussing "where to place the blame when WordPress problems arise" Show airs August 3 at 11am PDT / 2pm EDT / 7PM UTC The post EP147 – Where to place the blame… More →

Fields API: Request for review of direction

By / — Over the past many months this year, I have been working with guidance from @helen on the new Fields API with the intention of inclusion into WordPress core. It’s based on the Customizer API, so those who have experience with… More →

How To Create An Online Portfolio with WordPress

By / — Putting together a portfolio is important for students who are applying for certain degree programs or getting ready to embark… The post How To Create An Online Portfolio with WordPress appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

How To Remove WordPress Meta Boxes

By / — Out-of-the-box, the meta boxes that WordPress displays on the dashboard aren’t exactly overkill. I mean, if you’re a blogger, then I think the chances are strong that you’ll need: Publish Categories Tags Comments And maybe the Excerpt feature (depending on your… More →

How to Add a Progress Bar in Your WordPress Posts

By / — Have you ever wanted to add a progress bar in your WordPress site? You can use it to show progress on a fundraising campaign, milestones for specific project that you are working on, etc. Recently one of our readers asked… More →

How to clean up your site structure

By / — This is a republish: we’ve made some minor changes to it. We decided to republish it, because this post and its content are still applicable and important now. We all know that moment where your website has grown to this… More →

Safari vs. Chrome: Power Consumption

By / — I’m increasingly using Chrome because Safari can’t get the job done. I don’t know whose fault it is that these sites don’t work with Safari, but to me as a user it doesn’t really matter. Improving power efficiency is great,… More →

SecureMoz PRO Giveaway – Get 1 of 10 Single Website Licenses

By / — We partnered up with SecureMoz Pro WordPress Security Plugin to deliver you this amazing giveaway. SecureMoz PRO security audit plugin makes any WordPress blog secure. And today SecureMoz is giving away 10 Single Website Licenses each worth $24 for 12… More →

The 4 Best Client Support Options for WordPress Service Providers

By / — No longer a clunky, text-based interface, email has become a searchable filing cabinet, to-do list, CRM and project management tool all rolled into one. If you’ve ever tried a little productivity app called Rescue Time, you were probably shocked to… More →

Theme Directory: Tags/Filters: Round 2

By / — Last week, we got some useful feedback on updating the tags/filters for the directory. Feel free to “+1” or “-1” anything from the following lists. We need as much feedback as possible. Layout Tags A “Grid” tag was proposed as… More →

Two-Factor Authentication Weekly Update!

By / — We met on Thursday and discussed the providers in progress — TOTP, FIDO U2F, and Backup Codes. https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/core-passwords/p1438290019000492 In Attendance: @stevenkword @valendesigns @jeffmatson Last week we merged in the functionality to support fallback methods and have a great pull from… More →


By / — Front-end editing has long been a passion of mine. I got an email from Jesper, who’s developing a new solution called WA_Fronted. One way it stands out is that it asks you to specify which elements are editable—which should eventually… More →