WordPress News Digest for Saturday, October 3, 2015

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20 Essential WordPress Plugins for a Smoother Commenting Experience

By / — For many bloggers, the comments section of your posts is a huge part of what makes your site worth visiting. So if your comments section isn't performing as well as you would like, here are 20 (free!) plugins that will… More →

The 5 Essential WordPress Security Measures You Must Take (And How to Implement Them)

By / — No software is 100% secure and WordPress is no exception to that rule. Powering nearly a quarter of all websites¬†worldwide, the platform is naturally an irresistible target for hackers and has been the subject of many attacks over the years.… More →

WP101 Founded by Shawn Hesketh Turns 7 Years Old

By / — Earlier this week, WordPress video training site WP101, founded by Shawn Hesketh, turned seven years old. Since launching in 2008, Hesketh’s videos have been viewed more than a million times by over 500k people. He’s also re-recorded the videos that… More →