WordPress News Digest for Monday, October 3, 2016

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30 Best Portfolio WordPress Themes Creatives Professionals in 2016

By / — The potential value of a creative professional’s portfolio is beyond doubt. In order for that value to be realized, however, it’s vitally important that your portfolio not only displays your work beautifully, but also stand out as an extraordinary project… More →

Automated Performance Check Up Next

By / — On September 22, we released our first in a line of three automated tools. The Automated Security Check is live for you to use and schedule checks. I am happy to announce the upcoming release of the Automated Performance Check… More →

Bug Scrubs for the week of October 3

By / — There are a few upcoming bug scrubs in addition to the regular component ones that you should plan on attending. Both of these scrubs will be taking place in the #core slack room. @chriscct7 will be leading a 4.7 focused… More →

Customize Update 2016-10-02

By / — This is the weekly update post for the customize component. It includes a summary of this week’s meeting, recent commits, and next week’s meeting agenda. Weekly Customize Meeting Summary On Monday we held our weekly 4.7 customize component meeting in… More →

Hello Give me please access to https i18n…

By / — Hello 🙂 Give me please access to https://i18n.trac.wordpress.org/browser/uk More →

Help user test the new themes in Customizer experience

By / — We need your help to test the new experience to find, install and preview themes through the WordPress Customizer. The following user testing script you can follow yourself, but also we would love you to run this with anyone else… More →

How to Fix the WordPress Post Returning a 404 Error Issue

By / — A 404 error appearing when you click on one of your WordPress posts is a strange issue to have, but the solution is fairly straightforward, thankfully. Unfortunately, there’s no clear reason as to why this issue occurs, making it difficult… More →

How to Watermark Your Images With WordPress – Bye Bye Image Thieves!

By / — Image theft…Photographers have been dealing with it forever, but thanks to the Internet, it’s become easier than ever for thieves to take images. And it doesn’t just affect photographers anymore. Anyone who’s creating unique images knows the pain of unattributed… More →

I would like to join the translation team…

By / — I would like to join the translation team for the locale #fr_FR for WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway. Thank you, TuteurWeb More →

Moving To Javascript Development

By / — Over the last couple of years there's been a growing trend in web development, this is the moving away from… More →

Off-Site Activities to Grow Your WordPress Website

By / — There are a many ways to grow your WordPress website and increase your visitor numbers. However, while choosing the best… The post Off-Site Activities to Grow Your WordPress Website appeared first on WPExplorer. More →

Per-Site MU Plugins

By / — A different way to per-site Multisite in MU Plugins. More →

Pippin Williamson Reviews WordPress Page Builders

By / — Pippin Williamson is the Thomas Edison of WordPress. And this article, in which he reviews WordPress page builders, is a bit like Thomas Edison rolling up his sleeves and reviewing a bunch of $1 Christmas lights to see which ones… More →

Pragmatic Development in WordPress

By / — Pragmatic development is not something I've found, read, or that exists specifically to WordPress, but it's beneficial to all stakeholders. Pragmatic Development in WordPress was written by Tom. For more on WordPress, development, and resources then visit Tom McFarlin's blog. More →

Supplement Your Existing Content with WP RSS Aggregator

By / — Writing great content for your website isn’t as easy as it sounds. In order to successfully build a thriving web presence for your business or blog, you’ll have to put in a lot of regular time and effort into content creation.… More →

The Ultimate WordPress Security Guide (Step by Step)

By / — WordPress security is a topic of huge importance for every website owner. Each week, Google blacklists around 20,000 websites for malware and around 50,000 for phishing. If you are serious about your website, then you need to pay attention to… More →

Top Tools for Managing Your WordPress Site With Your Mobile Phone

By / — Ask any web developer what the secret ingredient is to building a high-performance website and they’ll all probably tell you the same thing: third-party tools. WordPress is a fantastic platform to build websites on, but let’s face it: we wouldn’t… More →

Torque Weekly Digest: 10/3/2016

By / — Check out the latest recap of the biggest stories from torquemag.io. This week’s Torque Digest features Doc Pop’s WordPress News Drop on Website Weekend LA, Microsoft’s inclusion of WordPress to their sites, database abstractions, and more. DOC POP’S WORDPRESS NEWS DROP: WEBSITE WEEKEND… More →

Translations for plugins and themes can now be imported with status waiting

By / — I want to inform you about some recent changes to translate.wordpress.org. 👀 See who approved/rejected your translation It took a while but you can now finally see which user approved (or rejected) a translation. You’ll find the information in the… More →

WP101, WordCamp Seattle, Our Podcast and a Workshop – BobWP – Your Trusted WordPress Source

By / — WordCamp Seattle 2016 is coming. Big kudos to WP101 for sending the WP eCommerce Show to WordCamp. Also, check out the newbie workshop I will be doing. The post WP101, WordCamp Seattle, Our Podcast and a Workshop appeared first on… More →