WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, November 3, 2015

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93Digital Publishes WordPress Time Machine

By / — 93Digital, a London-based WordPress development agency, has published a WordPress time machine. The page features a timeline where visitors can browse every major version of WordPress released since 1.0. Versions are displayed in a horizontal timeline format with fancy animations… More →

Brewing Up Web Success With HonestBrew

By / — Craft beer lovers have a refined palate. They demand a lot from their beer, and they want the buying experience to be just as good. We recently caught up with WP Engine customer and craft beer evangelist Andrew Reeve, CEO… More →

Core Concepts of WordPress Themes: Processing Posts with The Loop

By / — We recently released Up and Running, our multimedia guide to WordPress development. We think it’s the best way to learn the technical side of WordPress: we don’t skip steps, and we make learning each subject as simple and intuitive as… More →

Facebook Page Insights explained

By / — Last week, we’ve been talking about Twitter Analytics. Naturally, this next article in our social media series is about Facebook Page Insights. This post is about all the information that can be found in Facebook Page Insights, and what we feel… More →

Free Files For November 2015

By / — Each month the Envato marketplace brings you free premium files. Envato is a web marketplace where you can get premium files for different areas of your website. My favourite marketplaces are the script marketplace CodeCanyon and the theme marketplace ThemeForest.… More →

Free Theme Release from WPLift & DesignHooks: Sentio Creative Blogging Theme

By / — Today we have a brand new free theme for you, named Sentio, and created by the good folks at DesignHooks, it is a great looking creative theme for general blogging with some lovely styling and typography, perfect for showing off… More →

How to Add a Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs section in WordPress

By / — When launching a new product or website, you may need to add a FAQs section in WordPress. You can add a new page with all the frequently asked questions (FAQs), but in most cases FAQs grows as your product evolves… More →

Install PHP CodeSniffer with Composer

By / — A little over a month ago, I talked about how to install the PHP Code Sniffer in an MAMP-based environment. Though you can read the post in its entirety, the short of is this: 1. Setup Pear 2. Install the… More →

Lifecycle Marketing Strategy Explained

By / — You probably spend a tremendous amount of time building and optimizing sales funnels for your business. And as long as you’re putting in the work, most funnels, even poorly constructed ones, will generate leads and sales. Build, test, optimize and… More →

Monstroid: A Monster of a Theme

By / — There is an abundance of WordPress themes available out there for all purposes imaginable, but there's one type of theme that seems to be growing in popularity – the multipurpose WordPress theme. One such theme from TemplateMonster is the Monstroid… More →

Scale Your Web Development Business With Copy Site

By / — You’ve spent weeks, if not months, designing an impeccable site for a client. The layout is your finest work yet—if it were a piece of fine art, you’d proudly display it in a gallery for all eyes to see. But… More →

The 7 Best Contest Plugins for WordPress

By / — How best to get more visitors to your site? It’s a problem that never quite goes away. The internet is riddled with shady communities full of snake-oil salesmen busy peddling techniques “guaranteed” to make your website go viral with little to… More →

Tips For Keeping Your WordPress Site Updated and Secure – BobWP

By / — Some people will say thatWordPress isn’t secure. But in reality, it is very secure. It’s just everything else that isn’t. The biggest reason for WordPress sites getting hacked are weak passwords and inferior or outdated themes and plugins. The post… More →

Weekly editor chat resumed

By / — After some quiet time in #core-editor, we’d like to resume the weekly editor chats. The next one will be before the weekly developer meeting on . It will be used to discuss new features, answer questions, and do component bug… More →

Welcome To The WP Engine Customer Spotlight Series

By / — At WP Engine, we work with a number of interesting customers. There are so many success stories; we think it’s time to shine a spotlight on them! Each weekday this month we’ll unveil a new story from one of our… More →