WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, December 3, 2014

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6 Drag And Drop Page Builder Plugins: Build Any Website With Zero Effort

By / — Are you a wizard when it comes to designing and building your own websites? Or do your programming skills fall short of the mark? The majority will no doubt fall into the latter category with either none or only a… More →

Add Wedding Registry Links to WordPress with the Bean Registry Plugin

By / — Wedding themes are a highly niche market for what is oftentimes a once-in-a-lifetime event. Consequently, plugins that extend these themes for wedding-specific functionality are not as common as plugins for portfolios, testimonials, recipes, etc. If you develop wedding themes, you… More →

Agenda for the Polyglots chat at Dec 3/4

By / — Agenda for the Polyglots chats Dec 3/4 Hello dear polyglots, Almost time for the scheduled Wednesday and Thursday Polyglots chats. Here’s the proposed agenda: What happened last week We are waiting for the string freeze and the translation project for… More →

Business development idea for WordPress development agencies/solo developers

By / — If you are a web development company specialized in WordPress development and you are looking to expand your business, here is an idea how you can almost automate the influx of quality leads. As with any idea, this will work… More →

Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting Review, Guide & Giveaway

By / — There are tons of great hosting options available, and tons of different types of plans. There’s shared hosting, VPS hosting,… The post Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting Review, Guide & Giveaway appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

Dev Chat Summary, November 26th

By / — https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/core/p1417035664004117 https://make.wordpress.org/core/2014/11/26/agenda-for-november-26th-dev-chat/ Misses Beta 2 Decisions Term splitting will be pulled from 4.1 and considered for inclusion at the beginning of the 4.2 cycle. Focus will default to off. The particulars of Focus UX will be documented. RC1 will be… More →

Entering the Startup Matrix with Dan Norris – WPCAST026

By / — This week, we've got Dan Norris as our guest. Dan is the co-founder of WP Curve, a high-growth WordPress support business. He recently started Helloify, a business messaging platform, and he's the author of The 7 Day Startup. And he… More →

Flickr and Creative Commons: Fair use or mass theft?

By / — Is it OK for a company to sell your Creative Commons work without your permission or compensation? That’s the question Flickr users are debating right now after a the launch of the company’s new print […] The post Flickr and… More →

Google’s New reCAPTCHA API Replaces Distorted Text with a Checkbox

By / — For the past several years, Google’s reCAPTCHA has verified a user’s humanity by forcing you to decipher warped, nonsensical text. reCAPTCHA’s method of protecting websites from spam has long put the burden on the user to prove that he is… More →

Hide My WP Giveaway Winners Announcement

By / — Last week you had an opportunity to take part in this great giveaway and today we are ready to announce the winners. All the participants had a chance to win one of three regular licenses of Hide My WP plugin worth $22… More →

How to Use Multiple Themes for Pages in WordPress

By / — With a little styling tweaks, you can easily create templates for pages, sections, and even a single post in your WordPress theme. But what if you wanted to use a completely different theme for a section or page on your… More →

InfiniteWP Client Plugin Releases Security Update

By / — If you use the InfiniteWP Client plugin, log into your sites and check for updates. According to Sucuri, versions under 1.3.8 are susceptible to a privilege escalation attack as well as a potential Object Injection Vulnerability. InfiniteWP Client is used… More →

My experience starting up a WordPress business

By / — Technology is empowering. It doesn’t take as long to establish your online presence as it used to. We all want a smooth startup and that’s why we opted for taking our business online, right? You […] The post My experience… More →

Running HHVM with fallback to PHP-FPM

By / — HHVM can really speed up your PHP-based web site. Most reports are somewhere in the range of 2–4x faster. Unfortunately, HHVM isn’t very stable and will suddenly die, just of the blue, from time to another. Fortunately, it’s really easy… More →

Salvador, Brazil to Host Its First WordCamp

By / — The very first WordCamp Salvador is set to take place in Brazil this weekend on December 6th, bringing together approximately 160 attendees who are excited about connecting through WordPress. The more developed south and southeast regions of Brazil have had… More →

Switching The Main Blog on Multisite

By / — Here's how you swap out two sites on a Multisite. More →

The Low Barrier To Entry of WordPress

By / — Oftentimes, one of the great things you hear about WordPress is its low barrier to entry. Depending on who you ask, this may be seen as a good thing or this may be seen as a bad thing. Whatever the perspective, I… More →

The Power of Eventbrite on WordPress

By / — Eventbrite is the world’s premier event-management service, and we’re happy to announce two new ways to add Eventbrite events to … Continue reading → More →

The Ultimate Profile Builder Plugin by CMSHelpLive

By / — WordPress default profiles are a bit weak, hence the creation of profile builder plugins. Today we're going to be having a look at one of these plugins: the Ultimate Profile Builder by CMSHelpLive. More →

Two WordPress Text Formats That May Baffle You

By / — Have you even been working away on a post or page, highlighted some text to assign a Heading 2 or another one in the drop down menu? Have you even wondered what the heck is address? Or pre? Maybe you… More →

What Is The ROI Of Social Media?

By / — There is little doubt of the value of social media. You can gain a lot of readers and expand your brand. All of these efforts take a lot of time, so how do you know that what you’re getting back… More →

What to Expect in WordPress 4.1: Distraction Free in Anyone’s Language

By / — While WordPress 4.0 was “just another release” as far as semantic versioning goes, many in the community were disappointed. After all, “4.0” seemed like such a nice, round number and thinking back to the huge number of features in WordPress 3.0, people had… More →

When Upselling Hurts: How Too Much Cross-Promotion Can Kill Conversions

By / — First of all, don’t get me wrong: cross-selling and upselling, employed in moderation, are extremely useful. As you may know, it’s six to seven times easier, and cheaper, to sell more to an existing customer than to hook in a… More →

Which CMS are Shark Tank Contestants Using the Most? (Infographic)

By / — Have you ever wondered what CMS Shark Tank contestants use the most? We pulled together a list of every contestant to ever appear on ABC’s Shark Tank (Season 1-5) and identified their websites. We ran every site through Builtwith and manually investigated… More →

WordPress 4.1 To Introduce Plugin Recommendations

By / — On the Add New plugin page in WordPress 4.0, there are two different tabs to help users discover new plugins: Featured and Popular. What if WordPress could recommend plugins based on the ones you have installed? Thanks to a recent… More →

jMonkeyEngine Migrates Community Site Away From BuddyPress and bbPress

By / — jMonkeyEngine is a game engine made for developers who want to create 3D games following modern technology standards. The framework is programmed entirely in Java aimed at wide accessibility and quick deployment to desktop, web, and mobile platforms. Established in 2003, the… More →