WordPress News Digest for Thursday, December 3, 2015

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3 Tips For A Successful Membership Site

By / — What follows is a guest video blog post from our friend Anthony at True Productions. Anthony has built many a successful membership site and is an authority on using video effectively and incorporating lessons of lifecycle marketing to move prospects… More →

5 Ways Reading Fiction Helps You Up Your Blogging Game – BobWP

By / — Bloggers with unique voices often are avid readers, too. What is the connection? The post 5 Ways Reading Fiction Helps You Up Your Blogging Game appeared first on BobWP. WordPress All The Time!             More →

Examine HTML and CSS for a Page Using Chrome’s Inspect Element Tool

By / — Once you have your development environment set up, and a child theme ready to be filled in, there’s one more handy tool you’ll want to understand before you start making changes to your site. Google Chrome’s Inspect Element feature has… More →

Flywheel WordPress Hosting Introduces New Organizations Feature

By / — Earlier this month Flywheel, a WordPress hosting and management platform, launched the private beta version of Organizations; a new feature that was created as a way for agencies and designers to streamline their workflow. More →

George Lakoff

By / — George Lakoff is an academic whose books I came across in my college years, and he’s been very influential on me, especially his approach to language through metaphors. He has an updated version of a classic book, Don’t Think of… More →

Hello everyone Time for subtitling This time the…

By / — Hello everyone! Time for subtitling This time the video isn’t quite there – I have a few more things to do; but it’s possible to get it subtitled anyway as the timestamps won’t be changing on the voice over track.… More →

How To Use WordPress In New Ways (Webinar Video)

By / — The WordPress REST API (aka JSON REST API) is a powerful feature that opens up new possibilities in WordPress development. With this technology, WordPress has the power to become a content management system for any application in virtually any programming language. WP Engine’s Operations Engineer… More →

How to Improve Default WordPress Comments with wpDiscuz

By / — In most WordPress themes comments and the comment form section are quite boring. Improving the interface can increase your user engagement. In this article, we will show you how to improve default WordPress comments with wpDiscuz. Why Use wpDiscuz? Often… More →

Optimizing your store’s “no products found” page

By / — A question for you: what happens when a customer searches for something in your store that doesn’t exist? The default message returned by WooCommerce (and in fact, most other eCommerce platforms) is “no products found.” And the page that follows… More →

Priority of Ajax in WordPress

By / — Let's say that you're working with Ajax in WordPress. And let's say that, whatever you're building, is using object-oriented programming. Depending on the complexity of your work, you may find that how you've implemented your Ajax functionality doesn't work. That… More →

Quiz: Are You a WordPress Developer or Implementer?

By / — There’s been a lot of debate this year about developers. What makes a WordPress developer, really? Is it someone who is able to understand and use code? Is it someone who can create a child theme and make customizations? Or… More →

Restrict Content Pro Review & Holiday Cheer Deal

By / — Hello again friends! We’re back with another awesome deal for you. This time it’s for the Restrict Content Pro WordPress… The post Restrict Content Pro Review & Holiday Cheer Deal appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

To catch a predator

By / — It is pretty telling what sort of business most PE and VC’s are in when they send out blanket lead gen emails. It’s a business for them and startup founders are the customer. Shared this with some friends privately and… More →

WP Migrate DB Pro Review – Simple WordPress Database Migration

By / — Moving WordPress can be a cumbersome process. Especially migrating your website to a new server involves many different steps which can take a lot of time. The hardest part, however, is moving the MySQL database. Especially with when it’s of… More →

WPWeekly Episode 215 – All About Logos With Andrew Bergeron

By / — In this episode, Marcus Couch and I are joined by Andrew Bergeron, founder of Visual Rhythm. Bergeron explains the effort and investment it takes to create memorable logos. He also shares tips on how to avoid designing forgettable logos. We… More →

Your Guide to the Brand New Redesign of Google+

By / — Trailed as everything from a Facebook-killer to a fundamental shift in company-wide strategy upon its arrival, Google+ has failed to really catch fire with users worldwide and has acquired a reputation as something of a digital ghost town in certain… More →

wpDataTables: The Easy Way to Create Advanced Tables and Charts for WordPress + Giveaway

By / — Do you need to display data from a range of sources on your website in a more visual format? If so, the wpDataTables plugin could be just the tool to help you. Whether you want to display your data in… More →