WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, February 4, 2014

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6 Free MacBook Air PSD Templates To Help Mock-Up Your Designs

By / — We have created six gorgeously detailed MacBook Air PSD templates, and they are available to download for free! These minimal laptop devices have been stripped down to their bare essentials to make your work the center of attention. Using these… More →

AH-O2 Accessibility Testing

By / — I’ve been doing some accessibility testing with version 0.4.0 of the AH-O2 plugin which adds tooltips to some links and input fields within the admin area where it’s felt appropriate. I’ve commented on my findings directly into the Docs blog.… More →

AH-O₂ Update — 3 February 2014

By / — (cross-posted from docs, sorry for any duplicates) @jazzs3quence added a few tooltips to the Users pages. Adding new tooltips is pretty easy, but we may want to revisit our documentation to clarify some things @brainfork closed out a few tickets,… More →

Customize Your WordPress Admin Area with White Label Branding

By / — Everyone is familiar with the WordPress admin interface. In December, it was given a new modern design. The color scheme was improved, however the general layout of the interface has not changed in many years. WordPress is known for its… More →

Daily Plugin for Monday 02-03-2014 – Is Your WP Grass Overgrown?

By / — Marcus Couch looks at the newest plugins from the WordPress Plugin Repository. Plugins featured include a PayPal donation plugin, Admin notes in individual posts, User Profile Links, User Profile Meta, and a fun motivational plugin called WP Grass. More →

Free BuddyPress Wallpapers Now Available For Desktop and Mobile Devices

By / — Good news for BuddyPress fans: The project now has wallpapers available for desktop and mobile devices. While viewing the official BuddyPress logos and fonts page, I noticed that there were no wallpapers like those that you can find on the… More →

GitHub Gists SSH Access

By / — Ever wanted to work on your GitHub Gists locally? Here is the SSH URL for Gists: git@gist.github.com:NNNNNN.git where NNNNNN is the ID of your Gist. Read more → More →

How to Quickly Get System Information for Your WordPress Site

By / — Sometimes when working with your WordPress site or asking for support in forums, you may need to find out system information about your WordPress hosting environment. For example, what version of PHP is installed on your server, what is your… More →

I’m pleased to be a guest on the Matt Report – rig…

By / — I’m pleased to be a guest on the Matt Report – right now! Check out the Live Stream. More →

Last week in WordPress core

By / — Welcome back to Last Week In WordPress Core, for the week of January 27-February 2. Big list this time! First, a summary of the major changes; then a roundup from the various 3.9 teams: Enhancements and hooks The first run… More →

Monitoring WooCommerce Growth in an Open Source World

By / — It’s hard to believe that, in just over two years, WooCommerce has come so far. After all, WooThemes is a WordPress company who has always specialized in, you guessed it, themes. To be in a position where we are writing… More →

Review: Divi theme

By / — Elegant Themes has been known for offering high-quality themes for a while now. One of their latest themes is Divi, which they present as “the smartest and most flexible theme in our collection”, as well as “the most powerful theme… More →

TemplateMonster Giveaway – Winners Announcement

By / — Last week we partnered up with TemplateMonster, a US based template selling company, to give you a chance to win a premium WordPress theme of your choice.TemplateMonster Giveaway – Winners Announcement is a post by on Alyona Galea on WPMayor.… More →

Themes cleaning for 2014

By / — Our goal at Woo, this year, is to re-visit our back catalog of themes and add some much-needed updates, including support for all of our plugins (Sensei, Testimonials, Features, etc) and updating the designs. Before we embark on this process,… More →

Top 5 WordPress Login Questions And How To Resolve Them

By / — At SiteGround we provide managed WordPress hosting solutions, including advanced support for WordPress related issues. Because of this, there are many interesting WordPress related questions coming every day to our Help Desk system. Below I will list the top five… More →

Updates to the Jetpack Plugin

By / — Late last week, the Automattic team released the newest version of Jetpack, which included a few notable updates worth taking a look at which should make some people’s lives easier. Full disclosure: I use Jetpack, […] More →

Welcome to the small leagues: On WordPress and journalism

By / — A friend and former coworker of mine really likes the word “webmaster”. Because it’s a hilarious word. It suggests that this person has control over the web in general, which is pretty pretentious. However, traditional webmasters have long had a… More →

Woo With MarketPress 2.9: Attract and Keep Loyal Customers With Universal Analytics

By / — We’re stepping up the game with the latest version of MarketPress, giving you an even more comprehensive WordPress eCommerce platform in one tidy and beautifully coded box. MarketPress sets the standard for WordPress eCommerce solutions, providing an elegant shopping experience… More →