WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, February 4, 2015

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10 Best Wedding WordPress Themes for the Big Day

By / — Are you preparing to walk down that aisle and spend the rest of your life with the person of your dreams? Do you have a few clients that are asking for you to build a wedding website for them to… More →

A Better Planet Updated: Fresh WordPress News in Your Dashboard

By / — Time for an update to “A Better Planet” which is my curated version of the Planet WordPress feed. I have received a few submissions over the last few weeks so I thought it’s time to have clean out on the… More →

Automating WordPress plugin updates and releases with Grunt

By / — In my last article, I demonstrated how to use three tools for automating WordPress theme, plugin, and full-site development using Grunt, a taskrunner that uses JavaScript for scripting. Creating tasks with Grunt to automate repetitive processes […] The post Automating WordPress… More →

BuddyPress 2.2 will be released today likely around…

By / — BuddyPress 2.2 will be released today, likely around 20:00 UTC. A few last minute string changes went in during RC, so please keep an eye out for those. Ping in Slack for any timely questions, and I’ll check back here… More →

Cloud Spectator: WP Engine No. 1 In Speed, Uptime In December 2014

By / — Speed and uptime. They’re two measurements we talk about a lot as a managed WordPress platform provider. In many ways, they’re our currency. And if we miss the mark on speed and uptime, our customers won’t stand for it. Your… More →

Creating a Welcome Screen For Your WordPress Plugin

By / — If you've ever updated WordPress (of course you have!) or installed any number of popular plugins, chances are you've come across a welcome screen. We show you how to create your own in today's post. More →

Dev Chat Agenda, February 4, 2015

By / — Here’s the agenda for Wednesday’s Dev Chat in the #core channel on Slack. Time/Date: : Lead Promotions – Congrats @helen & @dd32! Feature Updates: Customizer Theme Switcher – @celloexpressions/@markjaquith Press This revamp – @michael-arestad Shiny Updates – @pento Customizer Transactions… More →

Dev Chat Summary, February 4th

By / — Agenda https://make.wordpress.org/core/2015/02/04/dev-chat-agenda-february-4-2015/ Chat Archive https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/core/p1423083640001782 Decisions, Announcements @drew will lead a NUX working group during the 4.2 cycle. The first chat will be held in #core-flow next Tuesday at 19:00UTC / 2:00 pm EST. @ryan (hey, that’s me) will attempt to… More →

Google Webmaster Tools: Google Index

By / — This is already the third post in our Google Webmaster Tools series. Last week we’ve written about the Search Appearance section and the Search Traffic section of Google Webmaster Tools. So if you jumped in here, and want to start… More →

How To Customize Your WordPress Dashboard

By / — Every time you go into your WordPress dashboard, you want to make it as easy as possible to get around without dealing with a lot of clutter. There are settings that will allow to you show or hide specific features… More →

How to Create a WordPress Social Feed

By / — One thing I really love about the WordPress community is that its not always about commercial use cases. Just as often a plugin or theme is created because it serves to help WordPress users express themselves or share their thoughts… More →

I’d like to request https translate wordpress org…

By / — I’d like to request https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp/dev/de-ch/default to be mapped to the formal version of de_CH, i.e. https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp/dev/de-ch/formal, because currently it still shows as 0% on https://make.wordpress.org/polyglots/teams/ More →

New chapters for Ryan and Westi

By / — WordPress lead developers Ryan Boren (@ryan) and Peter Westwood (@westi) started contributing to WordPress more than a decade ago. Ryan and Peter, along with Mark and Matt, served as the foundation for much of the early years. For some time… More →

On WordPress Theme Innovation

By / — As I mentioned last week, there are a few things that are coming with regards to how Pressware‘s theme (with more in the pipeline) to be treated with the nature of open source. But in preparing for this shift, I’ve also been… More →

Personalize Profile Headers with the BuddyPress Cover Plugin

By / — Cover photos in user profiles is a design feature in place on many major social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and G+. Users enjoy having the ability to further personalize their profiles beyond the default square avatar. Twitter was one… More →

Professional Utility

By / — Use and usability and form and function. Carrie Dils nails all of that in a new theme. More →

Reminder and agenda for the polyglots chats today – Feb 4th, 11:00 UTC & Feb 5th, 02:00 UTC

By / — Dear polyglots, Here is the agenda for this week’s polyglots chats: Locale stats Tech stats New validator orientations – setup chat/hangouts with people that need help getting started Documentation – finishing the handbook Open discussion This week’s polyglots chats: Wed, 4… More →

ReviewSignal’s List of the Best Hosts in 2014

By / — Our friend Kevin at Review Signal just published a list of 2014’s best hosts. The results were very kind to Flywheel, Digital Ocean, and A Small Orange—all hosts that fared very well in our own review of the best WordPress… More →

The Power of Masterminding – WPCAST035

By / — Masterminds have had a huge positive impact on both our businesses. In this episode, we share what we've learned participating in business masterminds. More →

TidioChat Competition: Win x5 Yearly Licenses Worth $120 Each

By / — We have teamed up with the folks at Tidio Chat to bring you a competition where you can win one of 5 yearly licenses for their Live Chat software. Tidio Chat is live chat software that you can install on… More →

Weekly Blog Post Challenge

By / — Back in 2004, I, like many other people in the WordPress community began blogging. We didn’t, I don’t think, get into WordPress because we wanted to write code or build a career. We got into it because we wanted to… More →

When Should You Change Your WordPress Web Hosting (Top 7 Key Indicators)

By / — Are you frustrated with your WordPress hosting provider? Not sure whether you should switch hosts? In this article, we will share 7 key indicators to help you know when it’s time to change your web hosting. Overcoming The Biggest Fear… More →

Why We’re Retiring @WooSupport on Twitter

By / — The wording of this title took some thought. We’ve decided to retire @WooSupport but certainly don’t want anyone out there to think Woo Support itself is going anywhere. On the contrary our support is cooking with Customer Happiness this week averaging 90%, all support… More →

WordPress Core Weekly

By / — Hi Everyone! It’s time for another run-down of what’s going on in WordPress core. This edition covers January 25th, 2015 [31282] through February 3rd, 2015 [31331]. If you’re interested in helping out with these updates, comment below, or ping @mike on Slack!… More →

WordPress Translation Plugins Part 3 – Alternatives to WPML

By / — In part one of this series, we looked at WPML, the popular translation/multilanguage plugin. Part two focused on the plugin's more advanced features and extension options. But what if WPML is just not for you, for whatever reason? Here are some… More →

WordPress lead developer changes

By / — Yesterday and today there has been some significant news for the WordPress project. We now have two new lead developers, and two long-time leads are stepping down after outstanding tenures assisting with steering the ship. More →

WordPress.com Adds Google Analytics for Business Customers Only

By / — Last week WordPress.com announced that Google Analytics is now available for its customers on the business tier, which is priced at $299.00 per year. Users have been clamoring for the feature for years. While many enjoy using the built-in Stats… More →

Yoast Release Second Ebook – Content SEO

By / — After the huge success of the first ebook from Joost de Valk and co (Optimize your WordPress Site), they have now gone ahead and released their second ebook, this time fully focusing on Content SEO. More →

Zero Day Vulnerability Discovered in Fancybox for WordPress Plugin

By / — Four hours ago, users seeking support on WordPress.org reported malware injected into their sites from an unknown source. The vulnerability allows for an iframe to be injected, redirecting to a “203koko” site. After working together to determine the plugins they… More →