WordPress News Digest for Saturday, February 4, 2017

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17 Examples of Home and Garden Sites Using Divi

By / — Home and Garden has always been a popular topic and it’s just as popular online as it is offline. It includes a wide range of subtopics and services, so there are lots of different website needs within the industry. Fortunately,… More →

Deploy Code With Git Push

By / — In this tutorial we're going to learn about quite possibly the easiest way of deploying your code onto a staging or production environment. In the past it was common place… More →

How to Send Email from WordPress

By / — Have you ever wished that you could email all of the people with registered accounts at your WordPress site? Or maybe just a laser targeted group of users? If you’re focused on building an email list, you’re probably using some… More →

Content Creation Is About More Than an Editor

By / — This is a guest post written by Reid Peifer, Partner and Art Director at Modern Tribe. In this post, Peifer shares his experience, opinions, and things to consider as the content creation experience in WordPress is revamped. Let’s imagine a… More →


By / — Back to thinking about house stuff for a little while, as I’ve started working with a landscape designer. These are some options for concrete finishes in some stuff we might be building. Yes, I realize how boring a literal picture… More →