WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, March 4, 2015

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15 WordPress hacks busy bloggers will love

By / — “I don’t have time.” “I’m too busy.” “I would love to but. . .” If you recognize yourself in the above sentences—Congratulations!—you are running a blog or website and have discovered that, as rewarding as […] The post 15 WordPress… More →

A Sneak Peek At Bloom, An Email Opt-In Plugin That You Are Going To Love

By / — Today I am excited to announce our upcoming email opt-in plugin, Bloom. We want to build a plugin that will allow our customers to grow their own email list using beautiful, customizable and easy-to-use forms that can be placed anywhere… More →

Adii Pienaar is making a WordPress comeback with stake in Obox

By / — Adii Pienaar is making a WordPress comeback after over a year away from the community. The WooThemes co-founder has made a strategic investment into Obox, the team behind the newly launched Layers product. In return, he's received a 30% stake… More →

Agenda for the Polyglots chat for March 4

By / — Dear Polyglots, Here’s the agenda for today’s Polyglots chat: Locale stats Tech stats First update about WordPress 4.2 New pages in the Handbook and what’s left there Badges – poll results, next steps Open discussion This week’s Polyglots chats are on… More →

Bing Webmaster Tools: Configure My Site

By / — We recently did a series about Google Webmaster Tools. So we thought it was time to do a series about Bing Webmaster Tools as well. Bing isn’t that big in The Netherlands, or Europe, for that matter, but it still holds… More →

BuddyPress 2.3 Development Kicks Off, Contributors Prioritize Work on New APIs

By / — The BuddyPress 2.3 development cycle is now in full swing, following a successful 2.2.1 maintenance release that broke the plugin’s one-day download record with more than 10,000 downloads in just 24 hours. More minor fixes are on deck for inclusion… More →

Building a Killer Custom FAQ Section for Your Plugin

By / — Creating an FAQ for your plugin is one way to enhance the user experience, while also taking the burden off answering common questions. In today's post we show you how. More →

Cloudways Cloud Hosting Review and Giveaway

By / — Managing a WordPress site in a cloud server requires a certain degree of expertise and can be a tedious task. The most significant one being the unpredictable outcome when a particular plugin is activated or a new feature (like WordPress… More →

Creating Virtual and Downloadable Products in WooCommerce Tutorial

By / — By using these options in WooCommerce, you can sell services easily as well as products such as ebooks, music, etc. In this tutorial learn what a virtual and downloadable product is and how to create them. I will also show… More →

Dev Chat Agenda, March 4, 2015

By / — Here’s the agenda for Wednesday’s Dev Chat in the #core channel on Slack. » Beta 1 is one week away, along with the enhancements deadline. Time/Date: : Feature Updates Customizer Theme Switcher – @ocean90 / @celloexpressions Press This – @michael-arestad… More →

FCC ruling on net neutrality: the winners, the losers, and what this means

By / — I recently wrote an article here on Torque discussing my thoughts on net neutrality and the possible outcomes of the recent vote by the FCC. Now that the FCC has voted, let’s turn our attention to […] The post FCC ruling… More →

Going The Extra Mile For Conference Speakers

By / — Recently i had some conversations about how conferences treat their speakers and volunteers. Most of the people – who were either speakers themselves or organizers – agree that the vast majority of all the tech conference they’ve seen treat speakers well. Very… More →


By / — Free, beautiful, CC-licensed photography. Just a warning: It’s not searchable, and what’s on there is what there is. But definitely worth knowing about if you need something beautifully photographed on your site for $Free.99! More →

How to Easily Create a Multilingual WordPress Site

By / — Do you want to translate your WordPress site in multiple languages? Wondering where to start? In this article, we will show you how to easily create a multilingual WordPress site. No you do not need to setup a multi-site or… More →

Interesting Tricks to Conceal the Truth That You Are Using WordPress

By / — WordPress is one of the most popular website development platforms because it is not only free but it has a sufficiently large community, which is flexible, powerful enough to cater the varied requirements of website developers and owners. However, with… More →

Moving On From The WordPress Plugin Boilerplate

By / — Over the last few weeks, I’ve talked about some of the changes that I’ve been looking to make over the coming weeks primarily so that I can re-focus my efforts. Specifically, I talked about this in this post and in this… More →

Over 50 Stylish & Free WordPress Portfolio Themes for Photographers

By / — One of the most popular purposes for setting up a personal website of any kind is to show off your creative work. In a way, that’s what blogging is all about and so it’s actually the spark that ignited WordPress… More →

Packaging Code

By / — You can, and should, clean up your development before you push it live. And I don't just mean the language. More →

Simplify Your Online Presence With WordPress: Establishing Your Business

By / — Establishing any kind of online business demands a thorough preparation and a plan on feasibility. If you’re about to launch… The post Simplify Your Online Presence With WordPress: Establishing Your Business appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

Support team meetup agenda for March 5th 2015

By / — Not a whole lot to mention this fine day really No-replies is now defaulted to 21 days, with some magic to switch the date range if desired, as per the desire from last week (https://make.wordpress.org/support/2015/02/support-team-meetup-summary-for-february-26th/#comment-172355 golds the details) Adding a… More →

Upfront: Structuring Your Site with Regions

By / — When it comes to laying out a site with Upfront, regions provide the building blocks you need to create everything from fullscreen and full width headers to contained sections, sidebars and footers. Regions form the background on top of which… More →

Vincentius Apparel Goes Truly Global With WP Engine GeoIP

By / — At Vincentius Apparel, we were grappling with a double-edged sword. Football transcends languages and borders. Like the sport we love, we wanted to make our high-fashion hats and jerseys available to fans across the globe—and in their own currencies. Selling… More →

WordPress Plugin Directory Launches New Design

By / — The WordPress.org Meta team is on a roll this month. Following the successful launch of the new theme directory, the plugin directory is getting the same treatment with a fresh coat of paint and a set of brand new features.… More →


By / — It’s been a long road, but the WordPress mobile apps are finally making some major strides. WordPress iOS version 4.8 includes a visual editor so you won’t see code anymore when blogging on the go. (For anyone curious at home,… More →