WordPress News Digest for Friday, April 4, 2014

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29 Awesome Flat Design WordPress Themes

By / — Flat Design is growing trend in the WordPress design industry right now and people are going gaga for it. We have already seen a huge number of flat design WordPress themes by Independent theme shops and marketplaces like ThemeForest &… More →

A Selection of WordPress Themes to Focus on Content

By / — Hi buddies! Once more here we come bringing with us a new list of themes for our monthly series. In a faster way than one can think of, the web is evolving onto a more clean, minimal, focused on content… More →

CSS Tricks For Your Explorable Theme Website

By / — Below are a number of CSS tricks to help customize your Explorable Theme user interface. Each example has a preview and a block of custom CSS required to achieve the effect. As always, we recommend that you add all custom… More →

Distraction Free Writing Mode Will Be Responsive in WordPress 3.9

By / — If you use WordPress’ Distraction Free Writing Mode every day, then you may have noticed a small bug where the editor gets chopped off at smaller screen sizes. Chances are that most people don’t use the DFW mode on mobile… More →

Friday Funk: Smoove & Turrell “Hard Work”

By / — It’s Friday! Time for another funky tune… one of my all-time favourites. Amazing track. The post Friday Funk: Smoove & Turrell “Hard Work” appeared first on Ben Barden. More →

Hey folks we’re about to release WPiOS 4.0.1…

By / — Hey folks, we’re about to release WPiOS 4.0.1. Would you mind helping us out with the release notes? — This update makes performance improvements throughout the app to make your on-the-go posting experience simpler and smoother. Improved the performance of… More →

How WordPress Plugin Authors Can Better Explain What Their Plugins Do

By / — Back in February, we published a guide containing tips for promoting newly released plugins. Since the article was published, we’ve received a lot of plugin review submissions through our contact form. Some of the submissions have left me frustrated as… More →

How to Disable Gravatars in WordPress

By / — Avatar allow users to give their online profiles an instantly identifiable persona. WordPress uses Gravatars as the default avatar platform. It allows WordPress users to have the same avatar displayed on any gravatar enabled website. However, in some cases you… More →

How to Migrate a WordPress Site to Bluehost

By / — There may come a time when you need to move your WordPress site to a new web host. If you've chosen Bluehost to host your WordPress site, here are the step-by-step instructions to migrate your site from your current web… More →

How to Select the Right Tools for Your WordPress Site’s Forum

By / — Forums are useful interactive tools for websites. People can post topics to start meaningful conversations and add to a site’s appeal. Forum conversations are also indexed in Google, leading those looking for peer-generated answers to your content. There’s a lot… More →

Jump On Board, 3D Printing is Here to Stay

By / — A Brief History  Boxy, grey, ugly. The first 3D printer was created in 1984 by Chuck Hull and looked similar to most other prototypes of the time. The world wasn’t quite ready for this technology, seeing it more as a… More →

Make Custom Feeds with the WP RSS Aggregator WordPress Plugin

By / — Should you ever find yourself needing to add an RSS feed to your site, you’ll probably never need to look… The post Make Custom Feeds with the WP RSS Aggregator WordPress Plugin appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress… More →

Managing Email with Flywheel and Pobox Email Forwarding

By / — Late last year, I migrated this site to Flywheel for managed WordPress hosting (which I talked a little bit about in this post). I’ve been incredibly happy with them for a number of reasons, each of which I cover at… More →

Setting an Animated GIF as a Featured Image in WordPress

By / — Don’t let them stop you – or your animated gifs! More →

Take the WordPress Tone Survey!

By / — We want to hear your thoughts on the writing style of WordPress! Take our quick (3-to-5-minute) survey. Results published on April 8. This is a post from WPShout. If you enjoyed the post, please head over to the site and… More →

The Combination Of Jetpack and Dreamhost Security Settings Lead To Lost Comments

By / — If you’re experiencing issues with Jetpack comments, you’re not the only one. First reported by WPTavern commenter, Mike McAlister, Jetpack Comments has been producing a Service Not Available error since the afternoon of April 3rd. @wptavern Seems the Tavern comment… More →

The Expanding World of WordPress Innovation

By / — With a growing number of innovations centered around WordPress, the community is beginning to immerse itself into the broader realm of mainstream technology. WordPress businesses are starting to compete, and find their place, among other popular […] More →

The Weekly WordPress News, Tutorials & Resources Roundup No.64

By / — We are into April allready – can you believe that it is now spring and we will soon be a third of the way through the year? Lots to do, keep an eye out this month for some cool updates… More →

Very Voluminous Vagrants

By / — Various methods of testing WordPress. Because there is no one perfect way to get it all done. More →

Why Should You Blog? Let us count the ways.

By / — Everything is in place. Our team of web developers and designers has been given the go to create the next big website. The site will meet the needs of our client’s business and will match the design and color scheme of… More →

WordPress 3.9 to Add oEmbed Support for Meetup.com and Imgur

By / — Last week, we wrote about the demise of Qik and how oEmbed support for the service will be removed in WordPress 3.9. However, two more services will be added. Meetup.com and Imgur will have oEmbed support in 3.9. When you… More →

WordPress Multisite Global Terms Plugin: Share Taxonomies Across a Network

By / — On a WordPress multisite network each blog has its own categories, tags and custom taxonomies. Keeping taxonomies separate is the default setup, but it is possible to have all networked blogs share the same terms. The new Multisite Global Terms… More →

WordPress SEO Premium 1.1

By / — After we released WordPress SEO Premium at January 23rd and WordPress SEO 1.5 at the beginning of March (a major rewrite of large parts of the plugin), we’re now ready to release WordPress SEO Premium 1.1. This new version introduces regular… More →