WordPress News Digest for Saturday, April 4, 2015

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10 Premium WordPress Plugins for Maximizing Your Site’s Social Sharing

By / — Integrating social media with your site is an important – and these days expected – way to help spread the word about you and what have you offer, whether you run a basic blog or a corporate multinational. More →

Alcohol or Marijuana?

By / — It would be nice to imagine your children won’t abuse any substances, but also unrealistic. The question is what to warn them against most strongly. Aaron Carroll asks Alcohol or Marijuana? A Pediatrician Faces the Question. More →

Free Files For April 2015

By / — Each month the Envato marketplace brings you free premium files. Envato is a web marketplace where you can get premium files for different areas of your website. My favourite marketplaces are the script marketplace CodeCanyon and the theme marketplace ThemeForest.… More →

How To Add A Twitter Feed To Your WordPress Website

By / — Twitter is one of the most powerful social networking tools in the world. You can use it to interact with your audience, monitor discussions on your topic of choice, lend a helping hand, and do all of this while promoting… More →

Improvements to WordPress.org

By / — If you visit WordPress.org regularly you might have noticed some changes around the place. If you don’t, now’s the time to check them out! We’ve been working hard to improve the site to make it more useful to everyone, both developers… More →

Learning from past failures

By / — We each share 3 of our previous failed entrepreneurial projects. Every time you launch something and put yourself out there you learn a lot about sales, marketing, partnerships, and focus. As long as you keep those lessons with you as… More →