WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, June 4, 2014

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10 Ways to Set Up Hidden Premium Content In WordPress

By / — Hide selected content on your site until the visitor takes the action you want. More →

40 of the Best WordPress App Themes for Verticals and Niches

By / — Long gone are the days when WordPress was used to create just basic websites or blogs. With the latest developments in WordPress, it has changed the definition of what a website should look like. There are numerous WordPress Application themes… More →

A Discussion Featuring Dennis Crowley, CEO and Co-founder of Foursquare

By / — Imagine you’re vacationing in Belem, Brazil. You want to know which pubs to drink at, which restaurants to eat at, or which cafe make the best arroz doce. Now, imagine if instead of searching aimlessly for recommendations […] The post A Discussion… More →

Add “Resolved” to Closed Topics in bbPress

By / — Since Margot’s been born, I’ve been having a hard time wrapping my brain around anything other than being a dad to her and her older sister Abby. I forgot about… More →

An Introduction To WordPress Page Templates

By / — Post types are of the main reasons that developers can extend WordPress in so many wonderful ways. The core version of WordPress comes packaged with five post types: Post, page, attachment, revision, and navigation menu. Posts and pages are the… More →

Contact Form 7 not Sending Emails

By / — This is one of the most common complaints that I have seen in the support forum for the Contact Form 7 plugin. This issue is very hard to debug because the plugin relies exclusively on email for form submission delivery. In… More →


By / — DiskWave is a free disk usage utility for Mac OS X. It helps you determine what files and folders consume most of your disk space. This looks handy. (thanks One Thing Well)# More →

Don’t Just Get It Working

By / — Maybe it’s just me, but one of the things about programming is that many of us pre-occupy ourselves with is the need to find the right way to do something. Contrast this with the mindset of “I just want to get it… More →

Finally aliased ‘bb’ to ‘bbedit’ in my bash profil…

By / — Finally aliased ‘bb’ to ‘bbedit’ in my bash profile yesterday. Kicking myself for not doing it years ago. /cc @bbedit @siegel More →

How To Make Your WordPress Homepage Look Like A Real Magazine

By / — Want a homepage for your WordPress site that mimics a traditional magazine cover? Here's how to generate a magazine cover style homepage that will work across all devices. More →

How to Automatically Tweet a New Post in WordPress

By / — With social media and word of mouth being incredibly strong tools for marketing your site it is good to know how to use Twitter to announce a new post. In this article, I will show you how to announce your… More →

How to build a Gravity Forms add-on

By / — In an effort to showcase how Gravity Forms can be used as a platform, Rocket Genius developer Steven Henty has created a quite in-depth tutorial on how to create a Gravity Forms add-on. With over one million WordPress sites running… More →

It’s a Piece of Cake

By / — It's a lie that everything is easy. Everything's hard the first time, so we have to keep trying until it's easy. More →

Load Scripts Dynamically With jQuery

By / — A common tactic to help speed up your website is to use a technique called lazy loading which means that instead of loading everything your page needs at the start it will only load resources as and when it needs… More →

New Plugin Batch Deletes WordPress Comment Spam Without Killing Your Server

By / — Once in awhile a WordPress site gets left to the wolves and becomes overrun by spam comments. Perhaps you set up an installation and forgot to install Akismet or some other spam-blocking plugin. If you neglected your site for a… More →

New WordPress Managed Hosting Plans at Pagely

By / — A lot of work has been taking place in the background recently over at Pagely and we are pleased to announce that a new selection of WordPress managed hosting plans are now available. The existing plans have also been refreshed, giving WordPress… More →

Notes from a Drupal Ninja / WordPress n00b

By / — I really enjoyed this piece from Josh Koenig at Pantheon about how he found his first WordCampl in Miami. Of especial value and interest were his thoughts about how the WordPress community differs from the Drupal one. It’s a really great… More →

Press This

By / — Hi! It’s been a few weeks since we added our initial brief. What is it? Press This is a redesign with a focus on automation and speed.     Progress We now have an alpha public release available for testing. We… More →

Proposed agenda items for today’s meeting State of…

By / — Proposed agenda items for today’s meeting: State of .org APIs for plugins and i18n (@tellyworth and @nacin), where people can help with tickets, storyboarding, or otherwise. Taxonomy roadmap: #17689 needs active discussion, please. Media grid: #24716 oEmbed sandboxing: #28249 Add… More →

Should You Add Back-End Development To Your WordPress Services List?

By / — If you make your living from developing WordPress sites, odds are good you have at least a cursory familiarity with… The post Should You Add Back-End Development To Your WordPress Services List? appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress… More →

Socket.IO — Introducing Socket.IO 1.0

By / — Socket.io 1.0 is out, with some, modular new architecture. Socket.IO — Introducing Socket.IO 1.0 Original Article: Socket.IO — Introducing Socket.IO 1.0 Dougal Campbell's geek ramblings – WordPress, web development, and world domination. More →

Spam epiphany

By / — I had an epiphany whilst out running this evening. You can use "sporting methods" to block comment spam, but this can be improved. More →

The Art of the WordPress Startup: Part 20

By / — Branding This post is part 20 of a series on how to launch your startup on WordPress. Last time I talked about why SEO isn’t dead despite what you may have heard, and which tactics are still effective. Today’s post is about branding and… More →

The WhiP Newsletter #15

By / — Daily lashings of WordPress goodness. More →

Theme Pricing Updates

By / — If you didn’t know, we’re a lean and data-focused company. This means we pay attention to what our customers’ needs through all the metrics we can possibly collect, evaluate what those metrics mean, have conversations with our customers and change… More →

VelocityPage Review: Drag & Drop Front End Page Creation WordPress Plugin

By / — WordPress is the world’s leading CMS system. However, no matter who you are, if you’ve been using it for a while I’m sure that we can all agree it’s not exactly “workflow friendly”. Even though the latest update to WordPress… More →

VelocityPage: A Breakthrough for WordPress Bloggers?

By / — Described on the developer’s site as a “breakthrough for bloggers and businesses who use WordPress,” VelocityPage offers a plugin-based front end page creation and editing solution that stands to shake up how we interact with WordPress and simplify day-to-day tasks… More →

WP Rocket: Premium WordPress Caching Plugin

By / — If you never heard about WP Rocket, you’ve come to the right place. WP Rocket plugin is a first commercial WordPress caching plugin and is relatively new compared to other caching plugins such as W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache.… More →

Why Your Business Needs to Be on Google+

By / — When you think of Google+, you don’t exactly think “popular social network,” especially when comparing it to powerhouses Facebook and Twitter. However, from an SEO (search engine optimization) standpoint, Google is undoubtedly king. In other […] The post Why Your… More →

WordPress in Vietnamese: Now 100% Translated

By / — This month marks a big milestone for WordPress in Vietnamese. It is now 100% translated, thanks in large part to the folks at foobla who volunteered a great deal of time and effort on the final push to finish translating… More →

WordPress.com VIP Releases Presentation Documents and Resources Under Creative Commons License

By / — WordPress.com VIP announced Documattic today, a new GitHub repository to house presentations and resources shared with the community. The VIP team is regularly engaged in the task of educating new clients on the strengths and features of the WordPress platform.… More →