WordPress News Digest for Friday, September 4, 2015

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20 Job Board Themes and Plugins for WordPress Worth Checking Out

By / — Searching for a customizable job board solution that will integrate easily with your site? Here are 20 WordPress job board solutions worth installing. More →

7 Tab Plugins to Spice up Your Sidebar And Other Areas Of Your Site

By / — The sidebar is one of the most under-appreciated things on the WordPress site of many beginners. They might even still have the meta widget and the standard blogroll. Something very simple, that can be very useful, is adding a form of… More →

A Bug in Chrome 45 Causes WordPress Admin Menu to Break

By / — Within the last five weeks, several people have reported an issue in Chrome that breaks the WordPress admin menu. If you hover the mouse cursor over menu items in the sidebar, they’ll occasionally fall out-of-place. Using Chrome 45.0.2454.85, I’m able… More →

A Dashboard Widget That Displays New Registered Users

By / — If you run a WordPress site with user registration enabled and want to see recently registered accounts from the dashboard, check out the New User Dashboard Widget plugin by Swadeshswain. After installing and activating the plugin, a new registered user… More →

Circle Flip – Responsive WordPress Multipurpose Theme

By / — Circle Flip is a premium WordPress responsive multipurpose theme that is the first of its kind in adding a unique Drag & Drop Header builder to it’s list of amazing features, including the user friendly Page Builder, Powerful Theme Options,… More →

Get Values of Multiple Elements in jQuery

By / — There are a number of JavaScript libraries and frameworks available right now – more than there have ever been before – and I think that's a great thing. If you're a WordPress developer, odds are you've worked with at least… More →

Help Me Add Comment Approval Notifications to WordPress

By / — Since enabling comment moderation on the Tavern, I’ve discovered that WordPress does not notify commenters when their comments are approved. On the Tavern, I’m using the Comment Approved plugin by Niels van Renselaar. It allows me to create a custom… More →

How Chris Klosowski’s Lifestyle Changed by Writing One WordPress Plugin

By / — Chris Klosowski, co-lead developer of Easy Digital Downloads, explains how writing one plugin changed his lifestyle. He left his corporate job to be a full-time distributed worker and being a distributed worker comes with its own set of challenges. My… More →

How to Add a Favicon to Your WordPress Blog

By / — Adding a Favicon to your website is critical to it's identity. The favicon of a website is like your photo in your ID Card. Just like the photo identifies you, people can identify your site by a favicon, if you… More →

How to Optimize Your WordPress Website’s Performance

By / — A slow website can have a negative impact on how people perceive your business. It’s a proven fact that slow loading times lead to high visitor abandonment – if your website takes more than four seconds to lead, nearly 25%… More →

How your store’s content should change for the holidays

By / — A lot of things change around the holiday season. Stores are busier, shoppers are more active, and we all work long hours just to keep up. It’s likely that you adjust your store’s marketing to match some of these changing demands. But have… More →

Mailbag: Finding A Rogue WordPress Setting

By / — Don't make settings changes without reading what they do! More →

Nine Strategies for eCommerce Stores to Boost Customer Retention Rates

By / — In the business world, there’s one particular worst-kept secret that’s always interested me: it’s cheaper and easier to convince existing customers to buy from you again than it is to attract brand new customers. Despite this, many business owners continue… More →

September 3rd Support Meetup summary

By / — Items discussed at yesterday’s Support Team Meetup: Chrome browser update bug Chrome 45 introduced a bug where the WordPress admin menus do not render correctly and become unusable. This is genuinely a Chrome problem and other browsers are not effected.… More →

Shortcode Roadmap Extended Discussion

By / — We saw a great amount of feedback on the first draft of the Shortcode API Roadmap.  The resounding concensus was that the shortcode syntax we already know and love should not be replaced. Now we need to bring that enthusiasm… More →

Taxonomy meeting summary – 2015/09/03

By / — Present: @boonebgorges, @swissspidy, @masonjames, @drewapicture, @georgestephanis, @khromov, @srwells, @michaeltieso, @dpegasusm, @kraft, @mrahmadawais, @samuelsidler, @leatherface_416, @jblz, @tyxla, @jeroenvanwissen, @lindsaymac, @eric, @jbrinley, @brashrebel, @pdufour, @joehoyle, @timothybjacobs, @ryanduff, @krogsgard, @aaroncampbell, @rahe Logs: https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/core/p1441310435002734 Had a general discussion about term meta: who’s used plugins… More →

Taxonomy term metadata proposal

By / — During a recent meeting focused on the taxonomy roadmap, a number of contributors discussed the possiblility of adding metadata for taxonomy terms to WordPress #10142. Assuming we decide to build termmeta, a major hurdle will be compatibility with the many… More →

WP Development Workflow

By / — If you develop a lot of WordPress sites, either for yourself or for your clients, and have a lot of repetitive tasks as part of this process that you’re not sure how to automate, check out WP Development Workflow. Taught… More →

Weekly SEO Recap: app interstitials, snippets & knowledge panel

By / — Next to Google getting a new logo, there was also actual news this week. Like… Google increased the height of its search box. Yes, really. Shocking, right? There’s more: Do you have app interstitials? Drop them. If you run a site… More →

Weekly WordPress News: Envato Support Policy Update, Transparency Reports & More.

By / — A piece of news I noticed this week was that Envato have implemented a new support policy which shows whether an author supports the product ( A blue badge is added if so) and now customers receive 6 months free… More →