WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, November 4, 2014

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6 WordPress Plugins to Help Promote Your Content

By / — Content marketing today involves two things: content creation and content promotion. Both are needed to achieve success in digital marketing, especially if your goals are to increase brand exposure and to improve monthly sales for […] The post 6 WordPress… More →

A Day with the Woo – #WooConf 2014

By / — To think I was not going to attend the event. It was already later in the year, November, and besides, as my beloved friend Chris Lema pointed out, I had been rejected to speak. Forgive @perezbox and his tweets. He… More →

Beaver Builder Review: An Intuitive Drag and Drop Builder for WordPress

By / — Beaver Builder is a drag and drop page builder plugin for WordPress that aims to help you build custom sites… The post Beaver Builder Review: An Intuitive Drag and Drop Builder for WordPress appeared first on Best Premium & Free… More →

Cultural differences in webshops (part 2)

By / — A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about cultural differences between websites. In the comments, some readers left amazing examples of differences between websites of China and websites in Europe. For instance, this example was given by Piet from… More →

Disqus Spam + Ads

By / — “We have the largest and deepest audience profiles on the web.” — David Fleck, general manager of advertising at Disqus. Translation: We’re tracking everyone who visits a website with Disqus enabled and building a profile of them based on the… More →

Every election I pat myself on the back for regist…

By / — Every election I pat myself on the back for registering for permanent “vote by mail” status. More →

Free Food WordPress Themes: Themes for Restaurants, Cafes, Recipes & Food Blogs

By / — Today we have a hand-picked collection of the best free food WordPress themes – We haven’t done any niche-specific roundups for a long time on WPLift and the number of niche themes appearing in the WordPress directory has been growing,… More →

How The Focus Project Plans to Enhance Distraction Free Writing in WordPress

By / — One of the feature plugins under development for possible inclusion to WordPress 4.1 is called Focus. Focus enhances the Distraction Free Writing mode in WordPress. Janneke Van Dorpe is the lead developer for the project with Mark Jaquith and Andrew… More →

How to Create Invoices for Clients Using WordPress

By / — Creating and sending invoices is an essential yet cumbersome task for most freelancers and small businesses. Instead of manually creating an invoice using a template, you can save a lot of time using the right tools. In this article, we… More →

How to Optimize the Mobile Checkout Experience On Your E-Commerce Site

By / — Phablets aside, the average smartphone user will be viewing your site on a screen not much bigger than the standard business card. And when they enter their information, the pop-up keyboard will suddenly eat half of that space. If they… More →

How to add more projects to locale For…

By / — How to add more projects to locale? For Lithuanian, we have it like this: https://translate.wordpress.org/languages/lt and we would like to have all projects from here available for translation: https://translate.wordpress.org/projects More →

Meta tickets created after team meetings Based on…

By / — Meta tickets created after team meetings Based on the actionable items and discussion here are the following meta trac tickets have been made today. I’m excited about getting some positive things added and useful tools to build on what we… More →

Most of What You “Know” About WordPress Typography is Wrong

By / — Many WordPress designers seem to think typography is nothing more than choosing the right plugin to get a bunch of “cool fonts” onto their pages and posts. That’s understandable because almost anyone might get that idea after reading the typical… More →

New Plugin Makes It Easy to Embed WordPress Plugin Info Cards

By / — WordPress 4.0 brought plugin icons and info cards to the installer, offering developers more incentive to brand their extensions for a better appearance in the admin. Plugin branding has made exploring the 34,000+ items in the official Plugin Directory a… More →

Organic Life – Build Your Own Eco-friendly E-business

By / — Thanks to the ongoing organic movement, those with a green thumb have a big opportunity to make money from promoting and selling natural, organic and eco-friendly products. This reality presents opportunities for environmentally minded entrepreneurs ready to start their own… More →

Pagely Going Global

By / — Here at Pagely® we’re always striving to gain a better international presence in terms of data centers. That’s why we were excited when Amazon rolled out their new Frankfurt Germany location last week. This brings our total data center count… More →

Preparing Your WordPress Site to Power a Single Page Web App

By / — Having a RESTful API in WordPress opens up options for WordPress developers and non-developers alike. Most of my articles on the REST API focus on using it to improve WordPress sites. But one equally exciting […] The post Preparing Your… More →

Repurposing the Titanic

By / — This might be Justin’s best post to date on GlassBoard.# More →

Sugarman Documentary Director Suicide

By / — The other day I saw and really enjoyed the great Searching for Sugarman documentary, which I’d recommend. While reading more about the entire story of Rodriguez I found that tragically the director of the film, Malik Bendjelloul, took his own… More →

The Challenge Of Simplicity And The Birth Of The Indochino Blog

By / — This post is part of our Customer Spotlight series. If you have an interesting story to tell and would like to share your experience with WordPress and Elegant Themes on our blog, please contact us! I’m the Senior Experience Designer at Indochino, the… More →

The Nature of Open Source Development of WordPress Themes

By / — By their nature, WordPress themes are open source. Whether or not you want to be is kind of a moot point because anything work that is a derivative of a GPL-based work must be licensed as GPL, as well. WordPress is GPL,… More →

The Old Guard

By / — We’ve been fighting our way through this at Crowd Favorite over the last year. Everyone working with the best of intentions, yet still some things are still hard.# More →

Today’s meeting agenda I’ve gone back all comments…

By / — Today’s meeting agenda I’ve gone back all comments to this date on the meetings and the guidelines seem a key point to discuss along with a few clarifications. As we only have an hour and a lot to cover we… More →

Weekly meeting notes Our meeting archive is here…

By / — Weekly meeting notes Our meeting archive is here: https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/themereview/p1415120399001516 Housekeeping: 1. The Twenty Fifteen chat is still happening on 15:30 UTC on Tuesdays, it happened earlier. It is still not released so be great to get reviewers helping there. The… More →

WordPress 4.1 to Introduce Theme Support for the Title Tag

By / — WordPress 4.1 will be adding several major improvements for theme developers. Joost de Valk opened a ticket three years ago, requesting a better option for controlling the output of title tags. He proposed a patch that would output the title… More →

WordPress Hosting Review 2014: The Results

By / — We’re super-excited to present the results of the 2014 WPShout Hosting Review! More →

WordSesh 3 is Set for December 20th, 2014

By / — The third annual WordSesh will take place on December 20th, 2014 at UTC+0. Organized by Scott Basgaard, WordSesh is like a virtual WordCamp except there is one session per hour for 24 hours. Unlike WordSesh 2, this year’s event will… More →