WordPress News Digest for Thursday, December 4, 2014

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120 Free Premium WordPress Themes

By / — Just because you can't afford a premium theme doesn't mean you need to forego premium style. This list of 120 free WordPress themes from premium developers ought to keep your site looking great for a long time to come. More →

A WooConf Highlight

By / — It seems wild that it’s been just over a month since we pulled off a very successful conference all about WooCommerce, if I can speak for and brag on our planning team. They did an incredible job with the first… More →

Compare Your Products and Plans with Easy Pricing Tables

By / — If you want to add tables to your WordPress posts to display your data in columns and rows, then the free and versatile TablePress plugin that we looked at a while back gives you everything you need to do so.… More →

Comparing Programming Languages and Tools

By / — Since the Dev Practices posts are scheduled so far out, sometimes I forget which ones are added and which ones are running on what day. It makes it all the more fun to run the site, but I digress. One… More →

Custom Dimensions: The Sequel

By / — Two weeks ago I wrote a post about custom dimensions and which custom dimensions we’ve already preset for you in our Google Analytics by Yoast Premium plugin. I started explaining two of those custom dimensions. This post will divulge on… More →

Dev Chat Summary, December 3rd

By / — https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/core/p1417640435005108 Hits Focus rolled out to wordpress.com. Misses Beta 3 RC1 Decisions Recommended plugins will move to a new tab in the plugin installer. The popular plugins tab will remain. Strings will be released to translators on Wed. the 3rd.… More →

Five Beers: A Free AJAX-Powered Child Theme for Twenty Fifteen

By / — WordPress 4.1 hasn’t yet been officially released, but child themes for the new Twenty Fifteen default theme are already popping up. The minimalist, blog-focused theme has so far been well received and users are already eagerly testing it out. WordPress… More →

How To Add Lazy Loading To WordPress

By / — Lazy Loading is a front-end development trick which delays the loading of content below the fold of a page until just before a user scrolls to it. You can think of it as the opposite of image preloading. It ensures… More →

How to Find the Number of Feedly Subscribers to Your Blog

By / — When Google Reader was laid to rest on July 1, 2013, many users flocked to Feedly, one of the most popular alternatives. Even if you don’t use Feedly, it’s likely that many of your blog’s readers do. Therefore, if you… More →

How to Show Live Preview of Links in WordPress

By / — Have you ever seen sites that show a live preview of links when you bring your mouse over them? That’s by using a jQuery popup which displays a screenshot of a linked page when users bring their mouse over the… More →

How to Speak Unicorn: Improving Designer/Developer Collaboration

By / — Unicorns: The myth and the magic In web design, a Unicorn is a fantastic creature that possesses equal talent in multiple disciplines. They’re the brilliant brand strategist that is an expert designer and an efficient […] The post How to… More →

Image Flow Update 4th December

By / — Thanks everyone for attending today’s image flow chat. Here’s what we discussed: Wireframes – @pabloperea went through the wireframes. The only concerns that we had were that: the metadata input area on the back of the images might not be… More →

New Template Tags in 4.1

By / — Working on a new default theme is always an opportunity to improve core’s Theme APIs too. With the release of Twenty Fifteen there are quite a few improvements that made it in: Archive Template Tags Theme authors get to use four… More →

Open Update Thread, Week of December 1st

By / — Let it out in the OUT. More →

Performance As Design

By / — Performance As Design, by Brad Frost. Great thoughts and links. Performance is going to be a big focus for me in 2015. More →

Simplify Your Online Presence With WordPress: Themes, Plugins, Products and Services

By / — Simplifying online presence though choosing perfect WordPress products and services can be achieved by choosing wisely, thinking twice and installing once. The post Simplify Your Online Presence With WordPress: Themes, Plugins, Products and Services appeared first on Best Premium &… More →

Storefront Lookbook: volume 1

By / — In the Storefront lookbook we explore different aesthetics you can create using Storefront core and the optional extensions available for purchase. The following designs can be created without touching a single line of code and help demonstrate the creative power… More →

Theme Accessibility Meeting Notes

By / — We had a great meeting to discuss the future of theme accessibility. You can review the complete transcript of the chat in Slack. We discussed many of the aspects of what it will take to make accessibility a requirement for… More →


By / — ThemeBro.com is a theme library site that allows users to find the right theme for them by selecting clear icons which depict the layout of specific site elements. Currently still in beta, at this point ThemeBro only includes themes from… More →

Visual Developer – CSS Modifications Made Easy

By / — Whether you're a developer with years of coding knowledge or a complete newbie whose barely ever heard of CSS, I'm sure you've wondered about ways of simplifying the customization process of your WordPress site. There exist drag-and-drop builder plugins, fully customizable… More →

WP Media Folder – Organize Your WordPress Media Files

By / — Have you been struggling with the need to organize media files and folders in WordPress too? Well, don’t worry; you are not the only one. WordPress, with all its benefits and ease of use as a content management system, can… More →

WPWeekly Episode 173 – Interview With Happy Joe Founder, James Dalman

By / — In this episode of WordPress Weekly, Marcus Couch and I discuss the news of the week and interview the founder of HappyJoe.org, James Dalman. Happy Joe is a 501 c3 non-profit organization that helps U.S. veterans with entrepreneurship and employment… More →