WordPress Digest for Sunday, January 5, 2014

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Speaking at WordCamp Norway

By / — I will be speaking again at WordCamp Norway. It was my first WordCamp I ever spoke at and will always have a special place in my heart. Since then I always spoke at this event and it’s now my third time in a… More →

The Intrinsic Value of Blogging

By / — Blogging is harder than it used to be. We’ve gotten better at counting and worse at paying attention to what really counts. Every time I press Publish the post is publicized to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Path, and Google+, each with… More →

Work on working smarter, not harder

By / — A few minutes ago I finished shoveling all of the snow off of my driveway left there by the snow storm that blew through central Kansas last night. It wasn’t a lot of snow, just a few inches, but hand… More →

Yes, my blog is just cat photos now. Dealz with it.

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