WordPress News Digest for Friday, February 5, 2016

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11 Stunning WordPress Sites That Have Reimagined Navigation

By / — Navigation tends to be the same across websites, no matter the content. But to shake things up, we've collected some WordPress sites that approach navigation menus in a wholly original way. And for the most part? They're quite effective. More →

Chicken and Eggs

By / — I’ve been reading Questlove’s Mo’ Meta Blues, and it’s an incredible education. The book is helping me appreciate an era of music that inspired the era that inspires me — the music that drove the Roots, J Dilla, Fugees, D’Angelo, Common,… More →

Divi Nation Short: First Season Lessons & Season Two Overview

By / — Divi Nation is back! It’s been longer than I had originally hoped but we are finally rolling again with a new season of our podcast and YouTube show. Last season we had fifteen members of the Divi Community share their… More →

Hello Polyglots Please add @biels for #nl NL…

By / — Hello Polyglots, Please add @biels for #nl_NL to the Simple Calendar plugin ( https://wordpress.org/plugins/google-calendar-events/ ) Thanks! More →

How to Improve Accessibility on Your WordPress Site

By / — Do you want to improve accessibility on your WordPress site? Most of the times accessibility gets neglected in our effort to create more beautiful websites. This creates problems and bad user experience for people with disabilities. In this article, we… More →

How to Stop Spam Registration & Comments Easily with WPBruiser

By / — WordPress spam. Comment spam. Registration spam. The thorn in the flesh of most WordPress users. The bane of WordPress entrepreneurs across the board. I mean, every aspect of running a WordPress website can be fun, but taking care of spam,… More →

Mailbag: The Trouble of Rollbacks

By / — Why we don't downgrade plugins? We can't reliably pick the right pervious version. More →

Pantheon Launches Community Resource for Scaling WordPress

By / — When people ask the question, “Can WordPress scale?” they are often pointed to some of the largest websites running on WordPress, such as Time Magazine, TechCrunch, NBC Sports, Playstation, the New York Observer, and others. But how do you get… More →

Really Simple SSL For WordPress

By / — SSL for WordPress is one of those topics that's been a bit of a big deal (at least regarding being a point of discussion) ever since Google announced they were going to be using it as a signal for ranking.… More →

Revisions UI focus kick off post

By / — As @michael-arestad announced, I’m going to be leading a focus on the Revisions UI. This post is the first step on the path to starting to think about how we approach the Revisions UI. Background This project stems from some… More →

Try BobWP Online Courses for 50% the First Month – BobWP

By / — This last Monday, we launched our online courses. There is nothing more enjoyable than getting an email only a couple of days after someone has joined. Have gone thru most of the course on the ‘basics’ – and still learned… More →

WP Ninjas Friday Roundup 2/5

By / — Welcome to this week’s rendition of the WP Ninjas Friday Roundup! We’re still in the midst of late stage development of Ninja Forms Three, but pre-release launch day is drawing near. We’ve nonetheless managed to get some great content together… More →

WP REST API Delayed, Contributors Facing Gridlock

By / — The WP REST API team met yesterday in the #core-restapi Slack channel to discuss the status of the existing post, term, user, and comment endpoints. There are a few outstanding issues with these four core objects, which the team wants… More →

Weekly WordPress News: Martial Free Theme Launch, Business Opportunities in WP + More.

By / — This week we launched a new theme named Martial on ThemeFurnace, it’s a clean blogging theme with a nice “Hero” header area and some custom widgets we built for the sidebar. There is an author widget which let’s you add… More →

WordPress REST API Round-table — Draft podcast

By / — Today, Joe and Brian are joined by several experts of the WordPress REST API for a community round-table podcast. This podcast was recorded in London at A Day of REST, a conference that was devoted to the REST API. More →

WordPress.org Has Fewer Than 20 Plugins Using the WP REST API in Core

By / — During yesterday’s pivotal WP REST API meeting, WordPress contributors discussed adoption of the API. A cursory search of the WordPress.org plugin directory shows that fewer than two dozen plugins are currently using the API scaffolding included in WordPress 4.4. For… More →