WordPress News Digest for Sunday, February 5, 2017

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Agenda for 2017 February 7

By / — The Theme Review Team holds a meeting weekly and we encourage all members to attend. Channel: #themereview | Time: 18:00 UTC Topics: Social Media There have been a few questions about integrating social media elements in a theme. As theme… More →

Try monthly mini-projects instead of year-long resolutions

By / — Instead of setting one or more resolutions for the whole year (if you do, I bet you go off-piste by March) why not set one goal per month? In January I attempted to write a blog post every day. I… More →

16 Examples of Real Estate Sites Using Divi

By / — Some of the most intriguing website designs are from Real Estate. Maybe it’s the large images of luxurious homes, or possibly the unique functionality of the search features. Either way, Real Estate is popular among Divi developers because it can… More →

If Only That WordPress eCommerce Plugin Could [fill in the blank] – BobWP

By / — You install the plugin. You find that one specific thing that YOU really need isn't built-in? Why didn't they think of that? More →

The Best Customer Reviews Plugins for WordPress

By / — Want to let your visitors leave reviews on your WordPress site? Maybe you’re looking to boost your social proof with reviews of your own products. Or maybe you just want to add some third-party voices to your own product reviews.… More →