WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, March 5, 2014

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20+ Best Web Hosting WordPress Themes for 2014

By / — The most comprehensive collection of best Hosting WordPress themes best suited for web hosting companies, domain registrars, resellers, and others who are involved in providing various server or hosting related solutions. In this article, I am going to showcase some… More →

30 Free, Responsive and Stunning WordPress Themes

By / — There are so many free themes out there it’s hard to know where to begin. Just searching through the WordPress Theme Repository for the perfect theme can be time consuming. The great thing about most of the recently released free… More →

30 Modern WordPress Business Portfolio Themes

By / — If you are a business that needs to showcase it’s products, or designs in an attractive portfolio style website then today’s roundup post is for you. The following themes would be suitable for all kinds of business who need to… More →

7 Terrific Free WordPress Tab Plugins

By / — Easily set up tabbed sections in your posts or pages with these seven plugins. More →

A Sneak Peek At Some Features To Look Forward To In Divi 2.0

By / — At the end of last year we launched what is arguably the most powerful theme in our collection. After such a great response from our customers and the WordPress community at large, we have set our sights on a second… More →

Adding a Portfolio to any Genesis child theme

By / — I walk you through adding a portfolio to your child theme, using an existing plugin and a few tweaks to your theme.The post Adding a Portfolio to any Genesis child theme appeared first on Bill Erickson. More →

Eight things you should do after building your WordPress site

By / — There are some essentials you should make sure are taken care of before considering your WordPress site complete. They don’t take much time but are often overlooked. Read more @churchthemes.com →The post Eight things you should do after building your WordPress… More →

Google Analytics Help: Set Goals in Analytics

By / — Do you sell a product online? Getting a website together is one thing, but Google Analytics help is another. What if your product is not selling online! Maybe it is as simple as an issue with the placement of the… More →

HTML5 galleries to land in WordPress 3.9

By / — Since WordPress 3.6, it’s been possible for theme developers to optionally add HTML5 support for search forms, comment forms, and comment lists. With WordPress 3.9, that optional support will be extended to galleries. The new default gallery markup will use… More →

How to Add Awesome Top Bar With Countdown in WordPress

By / — Before this, we’ve published a tutorial on how to add notification bar on WordPress site. The notification bar works great if you’d like to highlight important announcement to your visitors. However, having a countdown would make it even better as… More →

How to Get Rid of /wordpress/ From your WordPress Site URL

By / — WordPress is very easy to install however sometimes beginners end up installing WordPress in a subdirectory instead of the root directory of their website, e.g. http://www.example.com/wordpress/ instead of http://www.example.com. If you accidentally installed WordPress in a subdirectory and now want… More →

How to Set Multiple Default Categories for WordPress Posts

By / — The “Uncategorized” category is a generic bin where WordPress posts go when you forget to assign a category. It’s rather irksome to discover that you’ve published a post as “Uncategorized,” since it doesn’t do much to connect your readers with… More →

How to manage a distributed team

By / — Carl Smith runs nGen Works, a design and development studio that is fully distributed. He’s also a co-host on one of my favorite podcasts, BizCraft. In this article from Net Mag / Creative Bloq, Carl talks about some key traits… More →

If You’re Going to Spam My Inbox, Make It Worth Your While (A How-To)

By / — So often I get e-mails from people who want something from me. But they do a really bad job of making me want what they want. Being the writer I am, and having the marketing interest that I have, I… More →

Last Week in WordPress Core

By / — Howdy! This is Last Week in WordPress Core for the week of February 24—March 2! Lots of activity for the past week, which is great as we head into our last few days of alpha. Please join us for daily… More →

New Math

By / — Math and learning isn't just rote memorization, but getting that intuitive understanding of how the numbers relate to the formulas. All roads lead to Rome, once you learn to walk. More →

Pay with Bitcoin on UpThemes.com

By / — One of our goals at UpThemes is to make it ridiculously easy for users to obtain and use great WordPress themes. That’s why we sell themes on WordPress.com and through Mojo Marketplace, which allows users of many hosting companies to… More →

Rafe Colburn on What Bugs Taught Etsy About People

By / — Meeting Rafe and getting to chat with him at Monktoberfest each year has been one of the event’s highlights for me. And I love stories like this. Things that happen + thoughtful people = interesting lessons to learn. More →

Second homes, part 1

By / — I may have an early memory of stair sucking, but I don’t remember that house very well. I have a better memory of our second home, when we moved to Fetcham. It was a cottage on a short terrace of… More →

Sensei 1.5: A new way to teach

By / — We take customer feedback very seriously here at WooThemes, and we’ve been paying close attention to the features you’ve requested for Sensei on our ideas board. Hot on the heels of our free Certificates and Modules extensions for Sensei, we’re… More →

Should WordPress Editor Styles Be Required For Premium Themes?

By / — At this point, there are a number of great content management-related features that are built directly into WordPress that are easy for theme developers to employ. Some of these features include: Enabling post formats Automatic feed links Setting the default… More →

Style A Specific WordPress Menu Item

By / — The following code snippet will allow you to style a specific menu item differently to the other items. When WordPress creates a menu it will use the menus setup in the WordPress admin, this interface gives the user full flexibility… More →

The Shift to a Front-End Editing Experience and How it Affects WordPress Development

By / — Using WordPress is fairly simple, at least in terms of writing blog posts and publishing them — you don’t have…The post The Shift to a Front-End Editing Experience and How it Affects WordPress Development appeared first on Best Premium &… More →

UserPress: A New Wiki Plugin for WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress

By / — UserPress is a new free plugin that aims to be the ultimate wiki solution for WordPress. It provides a comprehensive set of user-friendly features that will transform your site into a collaborative hub for creating wiki content. Richard Smith, the… More →

What Is Managed WordPress Hosting?

By / — Many of our inbound leads inquire about what exactly “managed” WordPress hosting is, and what all it covers. This article will attempt to convey what our managed hosting is, and what it is not. What It Is The managed WordPress… More →

Widget Customizer Officially Merged Into Core for WordPress 3.9

By / — In early February we reported that the Widget Customizer plugin had received the green light to be merged into the WordPress core for 3.9. At that time Andrew Nacin opened a ticket to help precipitate any necessary improvements and guide… More →

WordPress Front-end Editor — Usability Test 2

By / — I did a usability test on the WordPress Front-end Editor 0.8.5 plugin with the Twenty Thirteen theme on WordPress r27243. Summary No trouble finding the Edit link inline, editing a title, or adding a paragraph Lots of difficulty saving Difficulty… More →

WordPress.com on Jeopardy

By / — Alex Trebek said the name of the thing I make. My life, it is complete. More →

WordPress’s Zombie Problem: Why Automatic Updates Had to Happen Now

By / — WordPress powers more than 20% of the web, or about 75 million sites, and is steadily becoming more pervasive. The massive WordPress community has helped secure the platform by quickly identifying and resolving bugs, glitches, and […] More →