WordPress News Digest for Sunday, March 5, 2017

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Display for Orange Pi Zero

By / — After figuring out the GPIO pin names of the Orange Pi Zero expansion port it is relatively easy to configure any TFT display as a FBTFT device attached over the SPI bus, as long as you know the name of the chip used to… More →

5 Cool Things You Can Do In Divi with Anchor Links

By / — Anchor links can improve navigation and help organize your content, especially on a website with long-form content. One of the other main benefits of using anchor links other than navigation is the fact that they are awesome for SEO. While… More →

How To Create Custom Success Redirects in Easy Digital Downloads – BobWP

By / — An easy to use add-on for Easy Digital Downloads to create a custom redirect to a landing page after a customer has successfully purchased a specific download. More →

4 Ways to Use Social Media SEO to Improve Your Search Engine Visibility

By / — Did you know: 571 new sites are made and 70 new domains are registered on the internet within a minute? And that’s just counting a minute. You don’t even want to contemplate the average number of websites created within a… More →

Beware Your Zips!

By / — Its not you, it’s Google. A lot of people have been mentioning that Gmail won’t send emails if they have zips. Other people have no problem. And reading the list of filetypes that are blocked, it took me a while… More →