WordPress News Digest for Sunday, April 5, 2015

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Default Admin Color Scheme Update

By / — Earlier in the 4.2 cycle, I opened a ticket proposing changes to the default color scheme for wp-admin. After much consideration and a few changes, it is being brought into core. I’d like to explain the changes made, and the… More →

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About WordPress Domain Mapping

By / — Domain mapping is a process that you’ll need if you have URLs parked elsewhere that you want to link to your site or redirect completely. Mapping the domain can seem tricky at first, but following the instructions will get you… More →

How to Change Your WordPress Admin Username

By / — One of the simplest ways to help protect your site from would-be hackers is to choose a custom name for your WordPress admin or super admin account. In this Weekend WordPress Project we show you how to change your default… More →

Meat Drunk

By / — Have you heard of being meat drunk? More →

Pretty sure we’re watching the best two teams in t…

By / — Pretty sure we’re watching the best two teams in the tournament with this Kentucky vs. Wisconsin matchup. More →

WordPress.org Receives Important Improvements

By / — One of the main strengths of WordPress is that it is always improving in all levels. Over the past few weeks, the WordPress team has been working hard to continue improving the WordPress.org website. The website received a facelift on… More →