WordPress News Digest for Monday, May 5, 2014

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4 Ways to Turn WordPress into a Multilingual Website

By / — There are plenty of good reasons to offer your website in more than one language. Having a multilingual site can create opportunities to reach different clients and markets on a global scale. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t […] More →

Automattic Is Raising $160M in New Funding

By / — WordPress currently powers 22% of all websites, up from 18% in 2013, with a CMS market share of 59.8%. The success of WordPress.com, Automattic’s flagship product, is part of the reason that number continues to rise steadily. WordPress.com makes it… More →

Automattic Raises $160 Million in Venture Funding

By / — It’s confirmed, Automattic has officially hit the billion dollar mark! The company just raised $160 million in venture funding, placing its new value at $1.16 billion. A blog post by Matt Mullenweg reported that the financing round was […] More →

Automattic Series C

By / — We announced some funding news today – so no need to keep reading those rumor based posts :) Here are the official details from our CEO, Matt Mullenweg: I’ll start with the big stuff: Automattic is raising $160M, all primary,… More →

Automattic has raised $160 million for a $1.16 billion company valuation

By / — Automattic has raised $160 million, led by Insight Venture Partners, Kara Swisher and Liz Gannes report in Re/code. A new fundraising deal has been rumored since mid-April, but just confirmed. This latest round puts Automattic at a $1.16 billion valuation. I’m no expert… More →

Building the new WP Job Manager website

By / — Mike Jolley (lead developer of WooCommerce), builds the WP Job Manager plugin on the side. He’s a wizard like that. The plugin is very slick, and has gained popularity consistently since its launch. There have been over 55,000 downloads to… More →

Easily Delete All Pending Comments in Bulk

By / — Last weekend, I had a chance to do some maintenance work on my personal WordPress site. I haven’t done anything on my personal blog for few months and as expected, there were lots of spam comments. However, instead of going… More →

Fantastic Giveaway from TeslaThemes

By / — Today we partnered up with TeslaThemes to deliver you this amazing giveaway. You have a lucky chance to lay your hands on 3 Premium WordPress Themes! There are going to be 3 winners and each of them will get the 3 Premium… More →

Find Actions And Filters Available In WordPress

By / — When it comes to WordPress development you can pretty much do anything you want, but you will only realise this when you understand how WordPress works and how it's all put together. The two main areas of WordPress development to… More →

How Does Your Workflow Change With WordPress Multisite?

By / — Imagine for a moment that your single WordPress installation is a robot. It’s pretty simple. You tell your robot to make you a cup of coffee, and it goes and makes you a cup of coffee. So far so good.… More →

How To Remove or Replace the WordPress Visual Editor

By / — The WordPress visual editor is a user-friendly WYSIWYG editor, which allows content to be easily formatted. It works word processors such as Microsoft Word. For example, to make a word bold, all you need to do is highlight the word… More →

How To Translate Your WordPress Website Into Multiple Languages

By / — You never know who you might be designing for, and at some point you or a client will need a… The post How To Translate Your WordPress Website Into Multiple Languages appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

How to Give Your First Post a Unique Style in WordPress

By / — Give your blog a little extra pop with a unique first post. More →

How to Set up an Online Membership Business on WordPress

By / — Online membership businesses have the potential of being very lucrative. Customers are charged on an on-going basis, which means you bring in revenue from the same people monthly, quarterly, or annually — so long as they renew their subscriptions, of… More →

Hyper-VVV on Windows

By / — Believe it or not, some WordPress developers code on Windows. This can cause problems with Varying Vagrant Vagrants (VVV) using VirtualBox if Hyper-V is also enabled. I’ve taken the time to implement a VVV setup on top of Hyper-V to reap… More →

Just had to change to another set of headphones mi…

By / — Just had to change to another set of headphones mid-song because of lack of high-end balance in the first set. Concerned this is an early symptom of audiophilia nervosa. More →

New Funding for Automattic

By / — I’ll start with the big stuff: Automattic is raising $160M, all primary, and it’s the first investment into the company since 2008. This is obviously a lot of money, especially considering everything we’ve done so far has been built on… More →

New Smilies?

By / — I switched to using the new smilies ala WordPress.Com. It wasn't hard. More →

Organizing WordPress Content Types and Libraries

By / — Last week, I shared a post on how I go about organizing my WordPress theme functions. Generally speaking, the conversation that ensued in the comments was more interesting the post itself (at least as far as I’m concerned :) because it… More →

Pagely + BuddyPress Hangout Recording

By / — On Friday we used Hangouts On Air to live stream a talk between two titans of tech, BuddyPress lead developer Boone Gorges and our own CTO Josh Eichorn. Our co-founder and CEO Joshua Strebel moderated, and we ended up with… More →

Photo Wall

By / — It took 10 years, but I’ve finally put something up on the wall of my home office. I ordered a bunch of prints in different sizes from Fracture and threw them up there. Logos from my companies, a few family… More →

Save Time Building WordPress Customizer Controls

By / — Adding controls to WordPress’ theme customizer can be somewhat tedious and there are many tutorials dedicated to creating your own controls. WordPress Theme Customizer Custom Controls is a project on Github that provides a collection of ready-made controls that you… More →

Significant Others

By / — Have you ever considered what it really means to have a "significant other" in your life?<…> I'm often faced with the realisation that so much of my personal or individual success in life can be attributed to having the support… More →

The http translate wordpress org projects buddypress is…

By / — The http://translate.wordpress.org/projects/buddypress/ is not aware of the recent folder modifications on buddypress trunk. (https://buddypress.trac.wordpress.org/browser/trunk) So all References links are leading to the old trunk directory setup. Example see reference link for http://translate.wordpress.org/projects/buddypress/dev/el/default?filters%5Bterm%5D=New+Administrative+Tools. How can that be fixed? Thanks in advance.… More →

Tom McFarlin’s Strategy for Organizing Functions in Themes

By / — I enjoyed reading Tom’s post about what file structure he uses in his themes for PHP functionality. I’ve never really made a WordPress theme with enough custom-function-based functionality to need much beyond five or ten custom functions in functions.php, but for… More →

Using WordPress RSS Feeds

By / — RSS is a standard web feed format that was released in 1999. It was quickly adopted by all major publishing platforms. The word RSS stems from the phrase “Rich Site Summary”, though the term “Really Simple Syndication” has become more… More →

WPHub: Your WordPress Portal into Themes, Plugins, and Great Content

By / — The objective of WPHub is to provide WordPress users with a selection of top quality resources all from one central place. The content on offer from this stalwart of the WordPress community is focused around themes, plugins, tutorials, and hosting, as… More →

WordCamp Nashville 2014

By / — This past weekend we had the honor of sponsoring, speaking, and volunteering for the help desk at WordCamp Nashville. I had a great time and met some awesome people. I also got a chance to pick Otto’s brain about some… More →

codyL on the Matt Report WordPress Podcast

By / — I was featured on the Matt Report today.  What is the Matt Report?  It’s a WordPress business podcast for entrepreneurs, startups, and freelancers.  Matt and his team have put together a fantastic offering of resources for WordPress companies and have a… More →