WordPress News Digest for Saturday, September 5, 2015

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How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress With a Simple Plugin

By / — Adding Google Analytics to your WordPress site will help you track who's been visiting your site, what they've been looking at and how they got there. Inserting the tracking code can be tricky, so here's a neat way to do… More →

How to Help Your Clients with WordPress SEO (And Make It Pay)

By / — Search Engine Optimization (SEO), most of us would agree, is vital in ensuring the success of many clients’ WordPress websites. If nobody finds your client’s site, that client isn’t going to get business from it and they’re not going to… More →

New music uploaded in August 2015

By / — Last month, I uploaded six tracks to SoundCloud. They are: Circumference (2015 remix) – which I shared on my blog recently. A remix of a track from a previous album, “Twice Midnight”. Crystallized – a synth-heavy piece. Fireflies – a full… More →

Responsive Images Feature Plugin Update

By / — Following up on our first official project update, here’s a brief status update to keep everyone informed about the progress we’ve made. Updates Released v2.4.0 early last week, fixing several bugs and adding a few filters (changelog). Please test on your sites and… More →

Using React with WordPress — Draft podcast

By / — Post Status Draft is a podcast about WordPress news and events hosted by Brian Krogsgard and Joe Hoyle. This week we discuss plugin and theme language packs, Trac gardening, and using React for WordPress. More →

Wish Me a Happy Birthday. Give.

By / — Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m going to be 39. That’s one year shy of 40! Yikes! I want you to give to someone else. Read on. This past year has not been the easiest in my life. In fact,… More →