WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, November 5, 2014

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10up Open Sources Its Engineering Best Practices

By / — Taylor Lovett, director of Web Engineering at 10up, announced today that the company is open sourcing its engineering best practices. 10up has historically been a leader in contributing to open platforms, most notably being one of the first development agencies… More →

A DIY Guide to Taking Your WordPress Storytelling to New Heights

By / — Telling Snowfalling, Daft Punk style engaging stories with WordPress stories is definitely within your grasp so long as you use the right tools and approach. More →

Agenda for today’s dev chat in the #core…

By / — Agenda for today’s dev chat in the #core channel on slack (): Beta/Merge Window – @johnbillion would like to extend the merge window and tagging the beta to Friday Hook Recursion – #17817: @jbrinley is requesting some eyes on it… More →

As of today we have streamlined our trac…

By / — As of today we have streamlined our trac queues. We now only have 2. Updates: any theme already in the repo that has an update. New: any theme that is not in the repo. These can all be found here:… More →

Behind the Scenes of Easy Pricing Tables – WPCAST022

By / — This week's episode is a behind-the-scenes look at David's flagship product at Fatcat Apps, Easy Pricing Tables. More →

BuiltWith Web Technology Usage Statistics

By / — Track the most popular web services and technologies in use by the top web sites. BuiltWith Web Technology Usage Statistics Original Article: BuiltWith Web Technology Usage Statistics Dougal Campbell's geek ramblings – WordPress, web development, and world domination. More →

Bulk Deactivate: A New WordPress Plugin Debugging Tool

By / — Entry level WordPress debugging often involves the tedious task of turning plugins on and off to track down the culprit that is breaking something on your site. When seeking help in support forums, users are often instructed to deactivate all… More →

Hola polyglots As usual a new WordPress for…

By / — Hola polyglots, As usual, a new WordPress for Android version is going to be released. We need your help to translate the release notes: https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/android/dev/release-notes but also app strings: https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/android/dev/ Note: maximum characters for release_note_34 + release_note_footer_v2 is 500 chars. More →

How To Backup Your WordPress Website To Dropbox Using Plugins

By / — Let’s face it: backing up a website can take time and can be tedious work. The more time something takes, and the more tedious it is, the less likely it is to get done. The more a website changes the… More →

How To Move Your WordPress Website From localhost To Live Server

By / — A virtual web server installed on your computer (or local server) allows you to build and customize a WordPress website… The post How To Move Your WordPress Website From localhost To Live Server appeared first on Best Premium & Free… More →

How To Remove TinyMCE Buttons From WordPress

By / — Depending on the level of customization or the level of formatting your customer wants or you want to give your users as it relates to the WordPress post editor, you may need to remove TinyMCE buttons from the WordPress editor.… More →

How to Customize the Default WordPress User Roles for Better Site Management and Security

By / — WordPress includes five different roles to manage the users that are registered on your site. However, you also have the ability to customize these roles and even create new ones. In some cases, the additional users you add to your… More →

Image Meta Data 101 – Title, Caption, Alt Text, and Description

By / — WordPress comes with built-in capability to add meta information to your images. This meta data makes it easier to find images for admins, and it is equally useful for users and search engines. Meta Data also helps visually impaired users… More →

Interview with Lori McLeese, HR Lead at Automattic

By / — I first met Lori McLeese at the speakers’ dinner for WordCamp Montreal in 2013. We spent a fair bit of time that evening talking about the culture at Automattic. Not only had Lori traveled to Montreal for WordCamp […] The post Interview with… More →

It would be a real shame if something terrible hap…

By / — It would be a real shame if something terrible happened to this Chutes and Ladders game. More →

Joseph Herbrandson on The Most Common Attacks Facing Today’s Websites

By / — Joseph Herbrandson of Sucuri published an excellent article listing the most common attacks today’s websites are facing. Herbrandson does a good job of explaining the attacks without inundating the reader with technical jargon. He also links to WordPress items that… More →

New Disaster Recovery Service from WP Engine

By / — Wouldn't it be ideal for your hosting company to have some sort of recovery solution that kicks in in the worst of times? Enter WP Engine's Hot Standby. More →

One Year Later: Unpausing & Relaunching

By / — One year after pressing pause, I'd like to reflect on the journey: what's worked, what hasn't and the changes in-between.<…> You'd think that this would merely be an exercise in going over my notes and charting the route my year… More →

Please add en AU English Australian to the…

By / — Please add en_AU (English – Australian) to the WordPress iOS and Android app translation projects and sub projects: https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/ios https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/ios/dev https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/ios/release-notes https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/ios/4.5 https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/ios/4.4 (Only add 4.4 if required, otherwise 4.5 is good) https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/android/dev https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/android/dev/release-notes https://translate.wordpress.org/languages/en-au More →

Polyglots Weekly Meetings Schedule – when can you make it?

By / — Hey dear Polyglots, Let’s set up the time for our weekly meeting(s). We’ll use these meeting to help new validators / translators with questions, get stats from localizers, get updates on how teams are performing, learn about any trouble they may… More →

Revamp Your WordPress Site with 20 New Options

By / — If your site needs a revamp, you have come to the right place. Welcome to our post! Today we are showing you our WordPress themes picks of this month to beautify your site. These are very professional-looking creations, and you… More →

SaaS Pricing and WordPress Businesses

By / — I’m truly fascinated by the WordPress business ecosystem. I’m frankly not sure why; when I look at it, it feels so young and at times exhausting, and yet so fascinating at the same time. I always want to fast forward 10… More →

Slides from Joshua Eichorn’s Scaling WooCommerce #wooconf talk.

By / — This week our own CTO and expert developer Joshua Eichorn spoke to a crowd of over 200 at the first WooCommerce Conference. He discussed scaling WordPress and more specifically scaling WooCommerce. We just happen to have some expertise in WooCommerce… More →

State of the Word Q&A

By / — In addition to the State of the Word presentation we talked about last week, there was a half hour or so of questions and answers that followed. You can also check it out on WordPress.tv, which now plays everything HD… More →

Survey for Translators & Validators

By / — Hey all, So lately we are moving forward in making GlotPress better and we would love to hear some of your feedback. teamadesign made 2 surveys to see how you guys translate/validate strings and how the design of GlotPress should reflect… More →

Understanding & Working With Custom Post Types in WordPress

By / — Despite the fact that WordPress rules the CMS arena, many people still consider WordPress nothing more than a blogging platform it was originally created for. Strictly speaking, over the last five years, WordPress has evolved into a much more sophisticated,… More →

WPShout Publishes The Results of Its 2014 Webhosting Survey

By / — Choosing a webhost is an important but difficult decision, especially when a lot of reviews contain questionable content with affiliate links. It’s hard to find non-biased information such as real experiences customers have had with a company. One reliable source… More →

WordCamp San Francisco With Grace

By / — It’s October 24, 2014 and I’ve just landed in San Francisco via Austin. I am now less than 24 hours away from my very first WordCamp! On paper, I have traveled somewhere around 1,800 miles to be here. Truth be… More →

WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks from ReviewSignal

By / — Yesterday, November 4, 2014, was a really good day for people looking to make an informed decision about WordPress hosting. We published the results of our annual Hosting Review, and Review Signal founder Kevin Ohashi published a fascinating and beautifully… More →

WordPress Security & Why the Plugin Alone Is Not Responsible

By / — About vulnerabilities and breaches. There are hundreds of ways in which a site’s security can be compromised. Clearly a plugin can’t be responsible for everything! A WordPress site (or any other site) is vulnerable in many places. I personally will… More →

WordPress iOS App: Good for Bloggers

By / — The verbification of WordPress lets me down when I reflect on the iOS app. More →

iOS 4.5 translations has funky negative counts for…

By / — iOS 4.5 translations has funky negative counts for ~12 locales untranslated strings https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/ios/45 Ping @nacin, can you do that DB thing you love to do More →