WordPress News Digest for Thursday, November 5, 2015

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An Overview of the Different Kinds of WordPress Themes – BobWP

By / — In this post we look at some typical styles of WordPress themes: blogs, magazine and business sites and well as niche WordPress themes. The post An Overview of the Different Kinds of WordPress Themes appeared first on BobWP. WordPress All… More →

Basic SEO training video: cornerstone content

By / — Our Basic SEO training teaches you how to optimize your site. One of the strategies we explain is creating cornerstone content. Cornerstone content is the most important content on your site. It should be informative, high quality content related to your core business. When it’s part of… More →

Beginner’s Guide to MailChimp with WordPress

By / — Email or newsletter subscription is one of the best ways to build your website’s traffic. In this tutorial, we’re going… The post Beginner’s Guide to MailChimp with WordPress appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

Community Summit Agenda 2015 for Support

By / — Hello all Support Team peeps, Let’s use this post to submit summit topics (see what I did there?) Currently we are at – bbPress 2.x forum upgrade (complicated, and much thanks to those who are working on it) HelpHub participation… More →

Cream of the Crop: The 14 Best WordPress Plugins of 2015

By / — One of the many great things about WordPress as a platform is the continual improvement each and every year brings. The core software today is barely recognizable from even five years ago, and the pace of change is only getting faster.… More →

Daylight savings, the meetup will be bumped up 1 hour

By / — Last weekend some parts of the world adjusted their clock, so today’s meetup which is normally at 1600 UTC will (for now) be at 1700 UTC instead. So for Eastern that will be 12 noon, Pacific 9 AM. Please use this handy… More →

Easily Add Citations to Quotes With the Better Blockquotes Plugin

By / — Better Blockquotes is a free WordPress plugin created by Devin Price that makes it easy to add citations to blockquotes. When a user clicks the blockquote button with no text highlighted, a dialogue box pops up with options to add… More →

From Custom Built CMS To WordPress Without The Headache

By / — Having set up business in 2010, We Are Elevate is a straightforward design and development studio based in central London. We create branding, print, and digital solutions of all shapes and sizes for clients, including SAB Miller and Kerry Group.… More →

Greetings Polyglots I am one of the plugin…

By / — Greetings, Polyglots, I am one of the plugin authors for Easy Forms for MailChimp https://wordpress.org/plugins/yikes-inc-easy-mailchimp-extender/ Could you please add our translators as editors: #es_MX –@hiwhatsup (@ocean90) #es_ES –@hiwhatsup (@deconf) #fr_CA – @mialevesque #fr_FR – @mialevesque Thank you for your help!… More →

How to Keep WordPress from Forgetting You with Always Remember Me

By / — The most annoying part about the WordPress login screen is when you forget to check the “Remember me” checkbox and hit login. Now when you exit the browser, the site will forget that you logged in because you didn’t check… More →

How to Publish Blog Posts in WordPress Directly via Email

By / — Quite possibly the best part about WordPress is that it simplifies our writing and blogging experience in various ways. For instance, the WYSIWYG editor ensures that users who are not well versed with code do not have to deal with… More →

How to Reset Your WordPress Password with cPanel and phpMyAdmin

By / — I’ve been neglecting my personal site lately, but when Fred and David decided to let me write a few WordPress beginner tutorials, it seemed like a good opportunity to pick it up again as a test project. I was ready… More →

How to prepare for post-holiday returns

By / — Missed our webinar with ShipStation? No problem! We’ve created this blog post to catch you up on every last detail and prep you for the post-holiday return period. Without further delay… Once the holidays are over, you can breathe a… More →

Justin Tadlock Explains Taxonomy Term Meta

By / — While developers celebrate the first half of the WordPress REST API being merged into WordPress, there’s also another reason to celebrate. Six years in the making, taxonomy term meta will be available in WordPress 4.4. If you’re like me and… More →

Most Miles of Road: Texas

By / — I was wondering the other day how many miles of road were in every state, and guessed that Texas must be the highest. It turns out it is, according to this list of the road mileage of every state. It’s… More →

November 5th Support Team Meetup summary

By / — Items discussed at today’s support team meetup: Matthew S WordPress profile was given a support team badge The badges on WordPress profiles for support are manually assigned. Matthew S has been a routine member in the Slack channel, participates in… More →

Site Backups Are Now Even Better!

By / — One of the features our customers like the most on our platform is our automatic and on-demand site backups. And today we have some exciting news! The WP Engine R&D team has been hard at work over the past couple… More →

Smush Record Smashed: 1+ Billion Images Compressed

By / — Our Smush servers have smashed a significant milestone, compressing 1 billion images since we re-launched our image optimization plugins WP Smush and WP Smush Pro back in April. More →

Tips to Follow for Increasing Traffic to Your WordPress Blog or Site

By / — Today, many businesses are adopting an advanced way of promoting and marketing their businesses. In the era of Internet technology, most of the people are creating a fully-functional websites on the WordPress to boost the reputation of their business across… More →

Viewing The PHP Debug Log

By / — When building web applications, especially with PHP, there are some tools that are invaluable. These include things like a good IDE, a powerful debugger, version control, and so on. But one of the things that I think we often neglect… More →