WordPress News Digest for Saturday, December 5, 2015

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10 Simple Tips for Learning CSS for WordPress

By / — In our recent blog survey, an overwhelming number of you mentioned you wanted to up your game and get more familiar with CSS. Today, we walk you through the workflow and tips you need to master CSS and gain a… More →

10 of the Best WooCommerce Extensions to Power Up Your WordPress Website

By / — If you’ve been using WordPress for more than five minutes, you’re probably already aware of the powerhouse of WordPress eCommerce, WooCommerce. After all, developers WooThemes estimate that WooCommerce powers around one-third of all online storefronts. I’m also sure that you’ve… More →

Asynchronous WordPress

By / — This morning, at WordCamp US, I will be giving a lightning talk to a room full of WordPress professionals from around the globe. This talk was given earlier this year at WordCamp Baltimore as a full 45 minute talk, but… More →

Day One: A Live Streamer’s Perspective of WordCamp US

By / — Day one of WordCamp US is complete. The event started streaming at 9AM Eastern and concluded at about 6:30PM. I was not able to attend the event in person so I spent the day watching the live stream. Although the… More →

Install WordPress Locally The Easy Way With DesktopServer & A Holiday Cheer Deal

By / — Whoa, it’s already December 5th – we’re well on our way to holiday cheer! And to make your day that… The post Install WordPress Locally The Easy Way With DesktopServer & A Holiday Cheer Deal appeared first on Best Premium… More →

Node.js Simple Command Line Confirm Messages

By / — Sometime, special terminal commands can be dangerous for your users. To ensure that they are really want to run the command the proven “best practise” is to wait for an explicit user confirmation by typing yes/no into the terminal. Install… More →

PHP7 and LetsEncrypt

By / — LetsEncrypt is available as a beta so everyone can have free SSL, and PHP7 is released which will double the speed of many PHP apps, including WordPress. And it was the first day of WordCamp US, if you missed it… More →

State of the Word, 2015

By / — Matt Mullenweg has just completed the 2015 State of the Word, the annual speech where he highlights the last year of everything WordPress and what we can anticipate in the future. More →