WordPress News Digest for Saturday, February 6, 2016

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6 Color Matching Techniques for WordPress Web Designers

By / — There is a psychology behind the use of color. Many clients want shiny and flashy, and they choose colors because they like them. But a color they like might not have the desired effect. Color plays an important role in… More →

Accessibility Quick Start Guide in draft: needs vetting

By / — The WordPress Accessibility Handbook now has a draft of a Quick Start Guide. The doc needs edits, comments, and vetting. We intend this as a resource for developers to quickly grab WordPress-oriented code examples and a11y guidelines. Let’s make sure… More →

Customizing the WordPress Admin Experience for Novice Clients

By / — If you're creating or setting up a site for clients or non-technical users, customizing the WordPress admin can do wonders to help them manage their site themselves more easily. Here are our picks of the top plugins for making dashboard… More →

Translation tool for Sindhi language is highly difficult…

By / — Translation tool for Sindhi language is highly difficult, almost impossible to work with. The box containing Sindhi translation does not support Right-to-Left paragraphs. Therefore, one is never sure what one has written as the translation. It is therefore requested that… More →