WordPress News Digest for Thursday, March 6, 2014

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A Better Writing Process for Perfectionists

By / — I’m terrible at writing. I write a paragraph or two, then rewrite those paragraphs, write a couple more paragraphs, rewrite those paragraphs, rewrite, rewrite, rewrite. It takes hours to get the first draft out. By the time I finally publish, I… More →

Are Blog Comments Worth the Effort?

By / — Getting a new comment on your blog can feel like a small victory. After all, it means that someone read your post and cared enough to type out a few words. That’s pretty cool! Unless it’s spam or someone trying to… More →

Beginner’s Guide: How to Use Google Analytics for Your WordPress Site

By / — This is a guest post by Jim Wang Google Analytics is a very powerful tool but for a new blogger, it’s very overwhelming. It’s all too easy to install Google Analytics tracking code in WordPress and then forget about it.… More →

Caching Custom Directories With W3 Total Cache And MaxCDN

By / — Warning: this is a relatively advanced topic that may only interest a few hard-core performance geeks. Have you ever referenced…The post Caching Custom Directories With W3 Total Cache And MaxCDN appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

Do You Make these 5 Mistakes When Building a WordPress Theme ?

By / — Today we have a few tips for you to help you when developing WordPress themes for yourself, clients or release to the public … Not Developing Locally I’ll admit I have been guilty of this one up until recently –… More →

Don’t Waste Time Improving Your WordPress Site Search

By / — There are many excellent WordPress search plugins that can greatly enhance the WordPress search form and search results. But trying to improve your search may just be a waste of time. More →

Episode 35: The Roaming Drad

By / — Show Notes Host Maria Scarpello is the internal community manager at WooThemes where she focuses on providing customer support to help build successful WordPress sites. Maria lives in an RV and travels around the US. […] More →

Everything is Important, Not Everything is Urgent

By / — During one of my first jobs working in software, I was responsible for working on the functionality that allowed the front-end to talk to the middle-ware asynchronously. That sounds way fancier than it really is, right? Basically, I was doing a lot… More →

Getty Images are now “free” to embed, but they are awful

By / — I read an article on The Verge this evening about how Getty Images have made their images freely embeddable. The photo above of Matt Mullenweg is an example. Getty Images is dropping the watermark for the bulk of its collection,… More →

Hey folks we are trying to add a…

By / — Hey folks – we are trying to add a more descriptive string to explain to our users why we want location permissions in our app and came up with one, “WordPress would like to add your location to posts on… More →

How to Improve the Speed of Your WordPress Site

By / — With internet connections getting faster and faster every year, you would expect that optimizing the speed of your website would become less of a priority. That is not the case. If your website does not load within a few seconds,… More →

How to Insert BuySellAds Banners into WordPress

By / — Banner advertisements are one of the major money makers for most blogs, and BuySellAds is a great network to use whether you're an advertiser or a publisher. BuySellAds helped WP Mayor survive during the early days by providing monthly income… More →

How to Set Default CSS Background Properties in WordPress Themes

By / — Here’s a handy trick for WordPress theme developers. As of WordPress 3.8, theme authors have the ability to customize defaults when adding custom background support. For example, you can set a default for any of the following CSS background properties:… More →

Introducing Ex Astris: A Free WordPress Child Theme For Stargazer

By / — Last December, Jeff Chandler and I updated WP Tavern with a new design based on Theme Hybrid’s Stargazer theme. Stargazer takes a new approach to parent/child themes in that it houses the majority of both the design and functionality within… More →

Official Gravatar Mobile App In The Works

By / — Toni Schneider, who recently switched positions with Matt Mullenweg inside Automattic has asked on the Gravatar blog, Which platform should a Gravatar app be released for first?. The choices are iOS, Android, or other. At the time of writing, Android… More →

Please enable translations of bbPress BuddyPress WordPress for…

By / — Please enable translations of bbPress, BuddyPress, WordPress for Android, WordPress for iOS for Kannada, (Language code Kn). Thanks More →

SellWP Is A Managed Solution For Selling WordPress Products

By / — SellWP is a brand new service created by John Turner, who is also the developer of SeedProd. The goal of the service is to eliminate the stress and hassles of selling WordPress products allowing the developer to concentrate on the… More →

Support Team Update for March 6th

By / — Today’s support #wordpress-sfd meetup was very light as there was no pre-defined agenda. The topics discussed ranged from This week’s IRC conversations A brief discussion about AH-O2, it’s identity crisis and it’s award winning plugin banner The Widget Customizer is now in… More →

The Best Social Media Sharing Plugins for WordPress

By / — Social media has been integrated into every part of our internet experience. Whether you are viewing a video on YouTube or reading an article on CNN, you will see a section on the page that allows you to share content… More →

The Emergency Happiness Diary

By / — I saw Richard Wiseman’s book 59 Seconds mentioned on Boing Boing the other day and on a whim I started reading it. It reminded me of another book I’d enjoyed, Brain Rules. Both are what you might call “self-help” books… More →

Top 4 Tips for Using WP Engine’s Git Push

By / — Some of our customers have asked us for advice on the best practices for using WP Engine’s Git Push feature. Daniel Turton, one of our Support Reps, was kind enough to share his Top 4 Tips for Using Git Push.… More →

Two Cents – Hacking your finances one cent at a time

By / — Lifehacker’s new personal finance sub-blog. Must revisit. Two Cents – Hacking your finances one cent at a timeOriginal Article: Two Cents – Hacking your finances one cent at a time Dougal Campbell's geek ramblings – WordPress, web development, and world… More →

Using eBooks To Promote Your WordPress Business

By / — In this article, I shall be discussing the benefits of writing eBooks from the perspective of a WordPress business. More →

Why Credibility Matters for your Business Website

By / — Have you ever wondered what makes a website successful? Why are some sites able to make more money, grow larger subscriber lists, and more generally, be successful? With these questions in mind, I began to investigate […] More →

WordPress 4.0 Targeted To Fix Multisite New User Password Security Issues

By / — WordPress core contributors are aiming to address an issue with multisite new user emails in the upcoming 4.0 release. Two weeks ago, Daniel Bachhuber opened a ticket proposing that WordPress instruct users to change their passwords when sending new account… More →

WordPress.org now delivered over SSL

By / — WordPress.org is now delivered over SSL. I saw an exchange between John Turner and Pippin Williamson that noted the change, visible as the default result in Google’s search engine results. @johnturner No, it's new — Pippinsplugins (@pippinsplugins) March 6, 2014… More →

mysql vs mysqli in WordPress

By / — I recently ran across an issue that I was previously unaware of, so other developers could run into it as well. I was having problems with a plugin, which started misbehaving. The plugin had previously worked fine (it generates a… More →