WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, April 6, 2016

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4.5 Notice – Breaking changes in REST API due to bug

By / — tl;dr: if you’re using wp_insert_* or *_post_meta in your REST API callback, you need to ensure you are calling wp_slash() on data you are passing in, regardless of source. Full post below: REST API: Slashed Data in WordPress 4.4 and… More →

Check Out ShopFront – CyberChimps’ New WordPress e-Commerce Theme

By / — ShopFront is a well-designed WordPress e-commerce theme which is perfect for building an efficient online store for your business More →

Getting Started with AMP Articles for WordPress

By / — You have three seconds to get something up on a mobile device before visitors start bouncing. The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project is an open-source initiative that speeds up content delivery on mobile devices and is already being used by… More →

Hello Polyglots I am the plugin author for…

By / — Hello Polyglots! I am the plugin author for Kanzu Support Desk https://wordpress.org/plugins/kanzu-support-desk. We’d like to be able to approve translations for our plugin. Please add the following WordPress.org user as a translation editor #de_DE – @mikewieland Thank you! More →

Hi @fpcorso @petya @eliorivero I’ve been translating the…

By / — Hi @fpcorso, @petya, @eliorivero. I’ve been translating the plugin “Quiz And Survey Master”: https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp-plugins/quiz-master-next/stable/es-ar/default, as a Contributor, and I’d like to continue doing so as an Editor. The #es_ES translation is incomplete and have some different expressions that I’d like… More →

Hi there My name is Woolker Cherenfant I’m…

By / — Hi there, My name is Woolker Cherenfant. I’m a linguist and a satisfied user of WordPress. Keep up the good work, guys! As what I’m receiving for free in the WordPress community, I want to give something back by translating… More →

How To Capitalize The First Letter Of A String In JavaScript

By / — Here is a quick code snippet for the JavaScript version of ucfirst. This code snippet will allow you to capitalize the first letter of a string using JavaScript. This code snippet will use the JavaScript function charAt to get the… More →

How To: Create Responsive, Interactive Maps, Floor Plans & Other Graphics in WordPress

By / — MapSVG is a WordPress plugin which allows you to create interactive and customizable maps, floorplans, infographics, diagrams and any other type of interactive graphic using SVG files. You can choose from the large number of included country maps and world… More →

How to Get Quick Feedback on Your Articles in WordPress

By / — Want to get quick feedback on your articles in WordPress? Normally readers can leave feedback in comments, but due to the public nature of comments, majority of people leave without giving any kind of feedback. In this article, we will… More →

How to Use SMTP to Send Email from WordPress

By / — SMTP can be a lot more reliable than the typical mail function in WordPress. There may come a time where the standard PHP mail function in WordPress stops working properly, causing you to run into problems with getting emails to… More →

How to Work with WordPress Metadata

By / — One of the nicest APIs that the application offers is the WordPress Metadata API. It's through this API that we're able to take ideas such as posts, users, comments, terms, and more and store richer information that just the standard… More →

How to get started with post-purchase email automation

By / — Getting started with email marketing can be challenging, but experienced store owners agree: email is one of the best opportunities you have for connecting with your customers long-term. To avoid spending too much time on email right out of the… More →

Obviously Oblivious

By / — Obvious plugins are the best plugins. More →

Outdated and Vulnerable WordPress and Drupal Versions May Have Contributed to the Panama Papers Breach

By / — Authorities have not yet identified the hacker behind the Panama Papers breach, nor have they isolated the exact attack vector. It is clear that Mossack Fonseca, the Panamanian law firm that protected the assets of the rich and powerful by… More →

Premium WordPress Plugins of the Month: March 2016

By / — March saw over one hundred new WordPress plugins added to the CodeCanyon marketplace. In WPExplorer’s Premium Plugin of the Month… The post Premium WordPress Plugins of the Month: March 2016 appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

REST API: Slashed Data in WordPress 4.4 and 4.5

By / — Hi everyone. The REST API team recently discovered a bug with parameter parsing in the API infrastructure, part of WordPress 4.4. For those of you using the API infrastructure, you need to be aware of a bug fix we’re making… More →

VersionPress Transitions Into a Free Open Source Project

By / — Borek Bernard and Jan Voráček, creators of VersionPress, announced that they’re transitioning the plugin into a free, open source project hosted on GitHub. In addition, they are releasing VersionPress 3.0 Beta, the first version released under the new model. Open… More →

Western Microbiome

By / — Burgers and fries have nearly killed our ancestral microbiome. I’ve loved reading microbiome stuff lately, here’s a good one in Nautilus, How the Western Diet Has Derailed Our Evolution. For an older look from the New Yorker, check out this… More →

WordCamp Central Now Lets You Track an Event’s Status

By / — Keeping up and monitoring the progress of WordCamps in and around your area is now a lot easier thanks to a new WordCamp Application status page. The page indicates a WordCamp’s city, applicant’s name, recent milestone, status, and the last… More →

WordPress for the Adventurous: WP_Query Class

By / — In this recent in-depth tutorial, Carl Alexander takes a look at the WP_Query class and explains how you can use it to search the WordPress database. While the WP_Query class is the preferred way to access stored posts, it’s not… More →

WordPress plugins and accessibility

By / — WordPress recently announced that “all new or updated code released into WordPress core and bundled themes must conform with the WCAG 2.0 guidelines at level AA.” This means WordPress will be making the product more accessible with every new update. Rian Rietveld‘s article WordPress… More →