WordPress News Digest for Sunday, July 6, 2014

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EP94 – Selling WordPress themes: marketplace or on your own site

By / — On this episode of WPwatercooler we will be continuing our discussion on selling WordPress themes as a business and focusing on if you should sell your theme in a marketplace or on your own site. Show airs July 7th at… More →

How to Add Subtitles to WordPress Posts

By / — Get an extra chance to catch readers’ attention with subtitles. More →

Nomad Chargekey for iPhone

By / — Anyone been in a situation where you needed to charge your smartphone but didn’t have the right cable to hand? I know I have. I travel a lot – and […] The post Nomad Chargekey for iPhone appeared first on… More →

Siri, Still Not a Competent Digital Assistant

By / — So I tried Siri again today. I figured maybe it had improved since I tried it last a year or so ago. Me: What is a good place for lunch between here and {my destination}? Siri: This restaurant is near… More →