WordPress News Digest for Saturday, September 6, 2014

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How To Launch Your WordPress Videos In A Lightbox

By / — In this Weekend WordPress Project we'll look at using the WP Video Lightbox plugin to bring all the benefits of Lightbox to your embedded videos. More →

In the mobile screen of ja wordpress org…

By / — In the mobile screen of ja.wordpress.org, we got a “Ready to get started? Download WordPress” button which leads visitors to the English site. Could we remove this link? More →

New TRT Admin: Tammie Lister

By / — Welcome Tammie Lister (@karmatosed) to TRT Admins! Quick 411: Tammie is a theme reviewer since 2011 and Automattician since December of last year and has volunteered to help TRT by devoting 2-3 days a week, allowed by Automattic. She is… More →

Ok Zé helped me build the pack for…

By / — Ok, Zé helped me build the pack for 4.0, then when into my 3.9.2 site and upgraded to 4.0 but there’s a hitch. The 3.9.2. was installed with English as admin UI language but Gaelic (gd) as the public UI… More →

Premium WordPress Plugins of the Month: August 2014

By / — WordPress has a nearly endless list of plugins that allow even the least technical webmasters to add a nearly unlimited… The post Premium WordPress Plugins of the Month: August 2014 appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

Steve Jobs – Brainstorming Session with NeXT Team (1985)

By / More →

Top & Bottom Line

By / — Somebody once told me, “Manage the top line, and the bottom line will follow.” What’s the top line? It’s things like, why are we doing this in the first place? What’s our strategy? What are customers saying? How responsive are… More →

Why Using Tabs Is Such A Great Idea And How To Create Them In WordPress

By / — When building a WordPress site, especially one that contains a lot of content, you might get overwhelmed with the presentation aspect. How can you display all of this content without bogging down site visitors? How can you maintain a cohesive… More →

Working with the WordPress Media Uploader

By / — Comments on this post are closed. Please leave comments on the respective posts linked from here.Though I’ve talked about working with the WordPress media uploader in previous posts, I’m currently working through a series on Tuts+ that takes you through… More →